Aledo Police to begin service for Senior Citizens living alone

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record

The Aledo Police Department will begin a free service for Aledo residents who live alone and would benefit from having someone check on their welfare on a regular basis. The "You Are Not Alone" (YANA) program's goal is to help clients feel confident while continuing to live independently. The program is designed for seniors, handicapped or homebound individuals.

The YANA program will utilize the Aledo Volunteers In Police Service (VIPS). The VIPS will make phone contact Monday through Friday at least every other day. If contact is made, the volunteer will ensure that the individual has no problems. If a YANA enrollee does not respond, the volunteer will repeat the call over a time period. If there continues to be no response, a VIPS or police officer will go to the YANA client's residence for a welfare check.

City Administrator/Chief of Police Terry Dove said, "We hope to have a VIPS make a personal visit to each YANA enrollee once a week. This not only brings personal contact for the individual, but it also ensures the individual's home and physical appearance is monitored to ensure their well being."

To register as a YANA client, an individual must complete a short request form, have an emergency contact person, and be willing and able to respond to phone calls and home visits.

Residents interested in enrolling themselves or someone else may call the Aledo Police Department at 309-582-2331.