Albracht Proposes Drug Screening for Welfare Recipients, Elected Officials and Candidates

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Aledo Times Record

Last June, Florida became the first state to pass a measure mandating drug screening for welfare recipients.

Bill Albracht, Republican candidate for Illinois Senate in the 36th District, argued that the policy is an effective way to cut fraud and abuse and end government subsidies for drug use.

"Welfare is designed to give people a hand-up, not a hand-out. It is for those who need help while they make a good faith effort to return to the work force," Albracht said. "I believe welfare is an important safety-net program, but it was not intended to create a culture of dependence on government. I propose that all individuals currently receiving state welfare or unemployment benefits be screened for drugs, and if they fail, state payments will cease immediately. If private industry will not hire those on drugs, why should the taxpayers of Illinois subsidize those that have made a conscious decision to withdraw from the work force? Our current system results in cases where our taxpayer dollars are going directly toward the purchase of illicit drugs."

Albracht said he believed that public officials should also submit to drug testing.

"I strongly believe that the people of Illinois need to know that their elected officials and candidates for public office are drug free," Albracht said. "You cannot legislate for some without including all. Elected officials and those seeking elected office need to demonstrate to the people of Illinois that they are worthy of their trust and confidence."

Albracht concluded his remarks with a call for action.

"The free ride is over for those, by their actions, who have chosen not to work. Let's get serious about helping those who are serious about re-entering the workforce. After all, it's just common sense."

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