IDOT asks motorists to avoid becoming an impaired driving monster

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record

                     The Illinois Department of

                     Transportation today reminded motorists that one of

                     the most frightening things about Halloween is

                     encountering an impaired driver. The message is

                     simple…Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over! If your

                     Halloween celebration includes alcohol, designate a

                     sober driver to get you home safely. IDOT issued the

                     reminder as it revealed data showing the role alcohol

                     has played in traffic fatalities during the last

                     seven years in Illinois.

                     “There isn’t a Halloween costume clever enough to

                     hide a drunk driver who has made the dangerous

                     decision to get behind the wheel,” said Acting

                     Illinois Transportation Secretary Ann Schneider. “Law

                     enforcement will be vigilant this Halloween keeping

                     Illinois roadways safe for everyone.”

                     During the last seven years in Illinois (2004-2010),

                     25 individuals lost their lives and 2,018 were

                     injured in 7,723 motor vehicle crashes occurring

                     during Halloween. Of the 25 fatalities, 11 (44%)

                     occurred in crashes that involved an impaired driver.

                     More recently, in the last three years, 12 people

                     were killed in crashes on Halloween day with six of

                     those deaths involving alcohol.

                     “The scariest parts of Halloween aren’t the spooky

                     costumes and scary pranks. It is a fact that too

                     often impaired drivers do not plan ahead and end up

                     making the roads scarier than a horror show,” Acting

                     Secretary Schneider continued. “This Halloween,

                     designate a sober driver before you go out because if

                     you do not, law enforcement will find you. In

                     Illinois, you must Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over.”