Seaton learns of economic development office

Renea Anderson/Correspondent

Presiding Board Member Kelly Wheeler called the meeting of the Board to order at 7:02 p.m. on Aug. 18, 2008. After the pledge to the flag, roll call was taken with board members Kelly Wheeler, Wm "Topper' Brock, Bob Springer, Alicia Nylin and Clerk Vicki Chism present. Carrie Clawson and Cyndee Stockham were absent. Clerk Vicki Chism read the minutes from the July meeting. Nylin made a motion to approve, Brock seconded the motion and the minutes were accepted.

Jenny Garner of the Mercer County Economic Development spoke next. She introduced herself and told about her education and previous experience in the marketing field that brought her to her current position with Mercer County. The goal of her office is to be a resource for grant applications, grant management, data and information services. Through Illinois ResouceNet, goals include increasing the capacities to pursue federal funds for nonprofit organizations, small municipalities and community development partnerships.

Clerk Chism reported on correspondence from Jackson Disposal that they would no longer be taking computers, TV's and other electronic equipment.

Clerk Chism presented the bills that included Ameren IP in the General Fund and Water Fund, Mark Blythe, water superintendent- $600, S. DeGeeter for one park clean-up and mowing- $250, Blick and Blick for a new furnace in the town hall, $1,997, Kiddoo Co. $266 for Melton and Wheeler's bond insurance and $1,013 for Workmen's Comp, and one J.U.L.I.E. locate for $25. Nylin made a motion to approve and the motion passed.

Finance: Clerk Chism again mentioned the bond insurance for Pres. Melton and board member Wheeler. She also reported that Thomas L. Lambert, P.C. auditor had returned the paper work completed.

Streets: Clerk Chsim reported the Motor Fuel Tax paper work was completed and approved on July 29, 2008. Bob Springer and Vicki Chism had met with the Fire Department Trustees and contractor Rush and contractor Zenk to settle the questions on the concrete work at the fire station. The Trustee decided to go with Rush's for the concrete work and Zenk for the culvert work. Clerk Chism reported the culvert south of Keith Wheeler's yard and Chantel Grammer's yard needs to be cleaned out or replaced. It also needs a catch basin. Topper Brock made a motion to have Zenk install a new tile and catch basin. Springer seconded the motion and the motion passed. About this time Pres. Melton arrived and he reported the oiling and chipping of the streets will cost $25,632.17 -- $25,000 will come from MFT funds and the $632.17 will come from somewhere else. He said he needs volunteers to help him do the cold patch in the holes in the streets and alleys. He would like to save the village some on the total bill and do the patching himself.

Grounds: Clerk Chism's husband, Tom installed the new antenna and cable for internet service that Robert Alden with the current Internet provider brought. Alden said new anti-virus software,, for $50 was needed. Seaton Library needs to purchase its own Lik-Sys and clean up the computer's drive. Renea Anderson reported that the library's computer has been cleaned up. The Seaton Fire Station is going with Frontier for its Internet provider and Clerk Chism asked if the church could use this also.

Police: River City H.S.C. of Davenport had salesmen in town earlier this month that caused some concerns and the police were called. There was discussion to have an ordinance drawn up concerning door-to-door salesmen. Nylin made a motion to have the ordinance written and it was approved.

Water: Clerk Chism reported that several back bills had been collected. She needs some new outside readers and water meters installed. The water meters stored in the pump house were damaged by the chlorine in the air. They will have to store them in another location. Tom Chism's shed was mentioned. Nylin made a motion to buy three new meters and the motion passed.

Old Business: Clerk Chism has learned that the Nettie Owen's property was purchased for back taxes in 2005. Charles Wrenn of Macomb is the owner or will be when all has cleared on 11/20/2008. The property reportedly is a habitat for all types of animals.

New Business: Clerk Chism put in a request for new window shades for the front windows of the building to keep the sun out. Wheeler made a motion and it was approved.

The August meeting of the Village Board was adjourned at 8:05 p.m.