News from Little York

Florence Carver/Correspondent

May I make a correction in last weeks news? Mrs. John Bird's name is spelled Dolores and Helen Carro is Dolores' former daughter-in-law, not John's sister. Sorry about the mistake.

Emma Toops was pleasantly surprised when about 45 relatives and friends gathered at her home last Sunday to help celebrate her 85th birthday. Her children, Dixie Avery of Monmouth, Herb Toops of Kirkwood and Cindy Peddicord of Little York planned the party.

Stanley and Mary Ann Free with children Allie and Michael of Yorkville spent Friday night with his parents Jim and Gladys Free.

Jessica Mellema of Des Moines, Iowa and her sister Whitney Free of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, spent Saturday afternoon with their aunt and uncle, Gladys and Jim Free.

Suzie Simpson is happy to announce she has a new great-granddaughter. The baby is the daughter of Josie and Mike Lair of Alexis and welcomed by two sisters.

Kathleen and Lyle Worthignton attended the annual Worthington reunion in Bushnell on Sunday with a good turnout.

Irvin Galusha was a Sunday dinner guest at the home of his daughter and husband, Cherry and Dave Simmons.

Don't forget the time change for services at Little Cedar Church. Sunday school will begin at 9 a.m. and worship at 10 a.m., starting on Sept. 14.

Horse sense is what keeps horse from betting on what people will do.