News from Matherville

Stephanie L. Surr/Correspondent

And a big "Hello" to all. The days are slowly changing. Weather isn't quite as hot and the evenings are getting much shorter. Shall I let all of you in on what that means? Should I keep it a secret?

I believe you truly know the real answer.

Last Saturday is one of those rare days when one does not have a minute to themselves. I was glad to get the three invitations in my mailbox a while back.  And then I read the invites. All were to take place on the same day, close to early afternoon. One in Burgess, one in Viola, and one in Matherville. Upon closer inspection, the one in Burgess was at one, Matherville, two and Viola was at three.

Arrived at Gib and Jo Gosline's seventieth wedding anniversary. The Goslines I met through their daughter, Mardi, a dear friend. The event was held in the old fire station. The fire station recently was made into a place to hold all types of parties. And the place was needed. Many people were on hand for the couple's big event. Friends from Missouri came up just to wish their friend's well.

Howard Burdick was on hand. Howard and Gib had been friends as very young men.  A few years ago they became reacquainted after over sixty years.

Bill Tates, Rhodie "Rose" (Slavish)'s husband, arrived.  Bill is a relative of Jo's. As I spoke with Bill, little did I know I would speak with other family members at a different party. Jo and Gib were "blown away" by all who gathered.

John Adams turned the big 80. A party was held up at St. Anthony's at two.  When I arrived John greeted me at the door. He mentioned that he hoped a nice crowd would attend.

I found a place to sit. From my vantage spot I could see many of his guests.  John needn't worry about capacity. Within 15 minutes the church was full of family and friends. Many old stories were passed around, along with the "Haven't seen you's" to the "You have how many's?"

Three O'clock found me at Mile's Park in Viola. Under one of the pavilions we toasted the birthday of a beautiful (inside and out) young teenage girl. Kayla. Always gracious, she made her guest her center of attention. Good Luck, Hon.

Here is a good piece of advice: When renting an apartment, closely look at any papers that need to be signed. Many apartments ask tenants to sign releases that give details as to what may be wrong with an apartment. Carefully read this. If not, you may be held responsible for any problems with the structure.

I am keeping busy starting to rake and put the gardens away. Remember - it could be snow.