A beautiful day to fish in Viola

Robert Blackford/Editor
Winners at the Viola Fishing Derby, pictured from the left, are: Ryan Sackfield, smallest fish; Sierra Orozco, largest fish in his category (6-8 years old); Isiah Hengl (Lacie Hengl) largest fish in category (five and under) Chelsey Crippen, first in category (12-14 years old), Collin Pitman, first in category (9-11 years old).

Saturday, Sept. 6 was a beautiful day to fish in Viola. Seventy-five children showed up at Keith Bloomfield's pond to participate in the fishing derby which was part of the Viola Threshers Reunion.

You are never too young to start as 17-month old Isiah Hengl proved when he caught a nine pound, five ounce catfish in the closing minutes of the contest.

It was just his second time fishing but the 23-pound youngster will remember the day for the rest of his life, or at least his mother will.

Hengl, formerly of Viola, came back from his new home in Galesburg to be a part of the fishing derby.

Other winners were: Ryan Sackfield, smallest fish; Sierra Orozco, biggest fish (6-8); Collin Pitman, biggest fish (9-11) and Chelsey Crippen, biggest fish,(12-14).