Stancliff announces candidacy for mayor

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record
C. William "Red" Stancliff

C. William "Red" Stancliff has announced his intention to run as a candidate for Mayor of Aledo in the April 7, 2008 municipal election. Stancliff served as mayor for three successive terms from 1993 through 2005. He chose not to seek reelection after his third term.

"City government has become too complicated," Stancliff said. "We need to focus on the simple things like city services such as streets, water, sewer and police protection. I want to make sure the people that live in this town and pay taxes in this town get the services they deserve."

Stancliff also wants to examine the city's form of government which includes doing away with the administrative form of government.

Although I was initially supportive of creating a city administrator position in this town, the job has become nothing more than a political appointment subject to ongoing controversy," Stanclilff said. "Let's return to the days of when the responsibility fell on a full time city clerk. That seemed to work okay for about 140 years in this town."

Stancliff proposes the full-time City Clerk position be in the range of the Mercer County Clerk's salary, which is around $40,000. The current City Administrator position in Aledo pays more than $82,000.

"Aledo's population is declining, yet our local government continues to get bigger," Stancliff said. "In these lean economic times, there's room to cut and plus there are enough quality people in Aledo to handle the full-time responsibilities of a City Clerk. Also, the City Clerk is elected and its lets the people decide instead of the city administrator just being appointed by the mayor. The taxpayers should have the final say, not just a mayor."

Stancliff welcomes any future candidates to announce fo an Aledo office to weigh in on this issue.

"I just feel it's time for the council table to do more of the talking for the city and not just the City Administrator," Stancliff said. "It's very apparent that there is a big communication problem between not only City Hall and some aldermen, but also City Hall and the community. It's time to reduce the complication from City Hall."

Stancliff has also served as an alderman and fire chief in the City of Aledo. He can run as either a Citizens Party, Democratic Party or independent candidate.