News from Matherville

Stephanie Surr/Correspondent

Do you see it? Can you hear it, feel it? It's there. Right behind our backs. Autumn is knocking at our front door while summer is making its way out the back. Love the fall. This year, however, the Farmers' Almanac is not predicting a mild one.

I attended a fair aimed at children last Saturday. The event was held at Broadway Presbyterian Church, with the entire neighborhood putting on the show. Friends of mine were to be clowns for the day. Games, activities, booths, meals, give-a-ways, and such were all free to the public. Prizes for the games were wonderful. A band played, giving opportunity to any child who wished, the chance to join the band and play along on a simple instrument.

The entire affair seemed like a time gone by, where communities set up their own little forms of government and took care of themselves. Not only did the children enjoy themselves, but many of the adults had big smiles on their faces as well.

The Hartman Familt Reunion was held the same Saturday at Camden Park, Milan. After the fair I made my way there. The day was beautiful and the spot chosen for the get-together perfect. A play area was close by. Those in charge of the reunion had setup the table for food ahead of time. One table was designed for cold foods. A plastic sheet enveloped three-quarters of the way around, with a base of ice. Ingenious for an outside feed.

Family pictures were taken, groups formed with people catching up with family not seen for a while. A billboard stood with the family tree filled out. Family members were able to fill-in empty spots of information not known. The tree was so up-to-date, that across from my nephew Taylor's name was his bride-to be's name. Taylor was just getting married that day. Talk about keeping up with news.

In all, it was a nice affair that saw many people become re-acquainted with family.

Now, on to Taylor. Taylor, son of Darin and Lynn Surr, married Brittany Ogden Sept. 6 in Nashville, Tenn. at the Bridal Path wedding Chapel. A reception was held at the Double Tree Hotel. Grandparents Billie and Larry Adams and Frank Carpenter attended. David and Nancy Surr, Steve and K'Young Taylor, Sam and Tom Lindley also made their way down to the wedding.

Taylor is currently attended the Nashville Automotive and Diesel College, planning to graduate in October. I still can't seem to come to terms that he is an adult.

It's a shame that many of our Park areas are closing or scaling down soon. Black Hawk State Park's museum and many sites in Bishop Hill are on the block. It's a shame that there is not even money enough in the state till to take care of noteworthy sites. Maybe Sweden will lend a helping hand with Bishop Hill.