Moller urged to stay in Aledo and declines

Cathy Decker/Staff reporter

After a more than two-hour behind closed doors emergency city council meeting the Aledo City Council reconvened and ended its meeting. An emergency City Council meeting was called for Thursday night, Oct. 2, that immediately went into executive session for personnel reasons shortly after the 7 p.m. opening.

Joining the council in closed session were City Administrator Patrick Burelle and Public Works Director Steve Moller. Moller, submitted his resignation nearly six weeks ago to take a position in Milan. Friday, Oct. 3 is his final day working for the city of Aledo.

About half way through the closed session Moller emerged from the room. "A lot of people have come up to me over the past six weeks," Moller said. Many were trying to convince him to stay with Aledo. He said that the public's requests got him to thinking. "It was a gut-wrenching decision," he said. The council offered him some incentives to stay during the personnel meeting. "The money offer was very good," he said.

Moller made an offer to the council and the council counter offered, he said. He said what his decision revolved around was his word and the drive.  He lives in the Quad Cities. "When you give your word, that is important," he said. "I've given my word to show up to a city (Milan)."

Moller began working for Aledo in March 2007.

He said that Aledo will get along fine. "Aledo will continue growing. I hope to be a part of that as a visitor."

Burelle spent some time with the council, while Moller was contemplating his decision. "It was important that we try to keep him (Moller)," he said.

Burelle has also recently been offered a job in Michigan.

Burelle shared that with the council during the closed meeting. "I owe them an answer," Burelle said, referring to the job offer in Algonac, Michigan. Burelle has been the city administrator in Aledo since 2006 and is a native of Michigan.

Doyce Hiscocks, chairman of the personnel committee, said, "We learned tonight about Patrick's job offer and that the city administrator has to make a decision."

He added that the city counter-offered to try and keep Moller. "We're going to be sorely missing Mr. Moller," said Hiscocks.