Little York News

Florence Carver/Correspondent

Happy beleated birthday to Clyde Howard on his 93rd last Monday.

Marjorie Smith accompanied her brother, Chuck Thieme, to St. Charles to attend the Saturday wedding of Ashley Spence, daughter of Rusty and Rhonda Spence.

Joe and Mary Beth Watson of Rocklin, California called on Fred and Marilyn Welch recently. The Watsons were in the vicinity to attend Mary Beth's class reunion.

Lois Talley of Florida was in the community to attend a family reunion. She and Bob Perrin enjoyed supper together on Thursday evening.

Millie Foutch of Raleigh, North Carolina and Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Redman of New Windsor were Sunday afternoon visitors of Howard and Florence Carver.

Betty Flynn is a new great-grandmother to Emma Kay Green. The baby was born Saturday to Kristy and Dan Green of Smithshire.

Marge Mills accompanied by Shirley Garner of Oquawka and Mr. and Mrs. Joel Peterson traveled to the home of Susan and Dave Icenogle at Bellview to help Susan celebrate her 50th birthday and the Icenogles 30th wedding anniversary.

No person can think clearly when their fists are clenched.