Mercer County judges are recommended

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record

Candidates for judicial retention outside Cook County in the Nov. 4 general election have been rated in a poll of attorneys conducted by the Illinois Bar Association.

“Under the Illinois Constitution, voters are given the responsibility of choosing which candidates will serve as judges,” said Jack Carey of Belleville, President of the ISBA. “I hope voters will consider these results along with other information and make an informed choice on Nov. 4.

Candidates are rated recommended or not recommended based on whether respondents agree the candidate meets acceptable requirements for the office. Candidates receiving 65 percent or more yes responses to that question are rated recommended; candidates receiving less than 65 percent are rated not recommended.

Each of the three judges in the 14th Judicial Circuit of the fourth Judicial District which covers Mercer County were recommended. Of the 148 ballots mailed 34 were returned.

Charles “Casey” Stengel was rated 93.69.  Walter D. Braud received a 93.04 and Ted Hamer received a ranking of 89.01.

Stengle was ranked 98.20 in health; 98.17 in court management; 95.45 in integrity; 93.69 in legal ability; 92.79 in sensitivity; 91.89 in temperament and 87.39 in impartiality.

Braud ranked 100 in health; 97.37 in court management; 96.52 in temperament; 95.65 in legal ability; 94.78 in integrity; 93.04 in sensitivity and 87.72 in impartiality.

Hamer was ranked 100 in court management; 98.90 in health; 94.44 in integrity; 93.41 in legal ability; 91.21 in temperament; 91.11 in sensitivity and 87.91 in impartiality.