Keithsburg City Council Minutes

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Aledo Times Record

Mayor Jim Stewart opened the meeting at 7 p.m. on Oct. 13, 2008.

Alderman Present: Davina Logsdon, Maxine Henry, Linda O'Brien, Neil Nylin, George Askew and Arnold Askew. 

Minutes of Sept. 8, 2008 Meeting: Maxine made a motion to accept; Arnold seconded, accepted by all.

Cash Receipts: Neil made a motion to accept; George seconded, accepted by all.  

Cash Disbursements: Arnold made a motion to accept; George seconded, accepted by all. 

Polling Place in Senior Citizens Room at City Hall; 304 S. 14th Street: The temporary polling place will be moved from the council room to the senior citizens room until further notice. 

Garbage Rate Increase for 2009 and 2010: The council voted to accept the garbage pickup bid from Jackson Disposal for 2009 of $14.79 and 2010 of $15.52 the bid includes the $1 charge for a toter. At this time the city is paying Jackson Disposal $11.38 per garbage pickup and we are charging the residents $12 monthly. Arnold made a motion to raise the garbage to $15 a month on Jan. 1, 2009 and $15.75 a month on Jan. 1, 2010, George seconded, accepted by all. The city bills a month behind therefore, the increase will take effect on the Feb. 1, 2009 billing and the Feb. 1, 2010.

Tax Levy Ordinance 4, Series 2008: For fiscal year 2009-2010 in the amount of $49,804.00. Neil made a motion to accept; Davina seconded, accepted by all. 

Water/Sewer: The "in" flow pipe broke at the sewer plant and Steve is getting an estimate for the repair. 

Streets and Sidewalks: George explained Andy Weeks has been painting picnic tables and they are looking good. Maxine suggested having him paint the gazebo. 

Fire Department William Pinger, Jr. Application: Maxine made a motion to accept; Davina seconded, accepted by all.  

Fire Department Pancake Supper: Saturday Oct. 18 from 4-7 p.m.

Police Department: Judi Brown asked if the city wanted to get the defibulator for the squad car reprogrammed. The council agreed.

Police Department: Maxine discussed sending Cory Logsdon to school for a full-time police officer course which costs $4,277 (includes room & board). The city would receive 90-98 percent reimbursement for the schooling costs. The 12-week classes starts in Jan. 5 and ends in March 26. The city will also need to agree to pay Cory an hourly wage while he is attending class, plus gas mileage. Maxine also explained he would receive a discount because he is a veteran. The council agreed Cory seems very dedicated and he is doing a good job. Jim explained it would cost approximately $12,440 to send Cory to school including his wages. Linda made a motion to send Cory to school as long as he signs the agreement to work for the City of Keithsburg for a minimum of (1) year after he graduates, Maxine seconded, accepted by all except Davina who abstained. Motion carried. 

Squad Car: Linda explained the car is broke down again and they think the coil pack needs replaced. A new coil pack will cost approximately $200 plus labor. Repairs in the past: 2006-$2,000; 2007-$3,000 and 2008-$735 with close to 60,000 miles. Linda asked the council for suggestions to this matter. Arnold explained in town police cars have a lot of problems. Linda suggested a new car would have a 3-year warranty. George explained if some of the things were not done to the car in the past it would not have the problems it has today. The car is going to Barry's tomorrow to get repaired. 

Campground: George explained the Emergency 911 signs were posted today.

Trick or Treat Hours: Last year was from 6-8 p.m. Maxine made a motion to accept; Linda seconded, accepted by all. Jim explained we have trick or treat bags for the police officer to hand out and the council gave permission for the police officer to purchase candy to hand out.

Trailers in Subdivision: The current regulation for the subdivision does not allow mobile homes, however the council agreed to allow the FEMA trailers at their location but only as a temporary exception. The council discussed making exceptions for the flood victims pertaining to mobile homes throughout the subdivision. No exception to the 10 year or older trailer; must be tied down; and must have full skirting. The city only has (6) lots available besides the ones the FEMA trailers are on now. The lots in the subdivision are approximately 100' X 100'. Brenkman and Reigner have lots for sale also. Arnold made a motion to table this until next month; Maxine seconded, accepted by all.

Quit Claim Deed: Lots 24 & 25 were purchased from Guy Brenkman through a tax deed sale and the deed has a clause that you must build within (2) years or the lots revert back to the city. Attorney Robert Rillie suggested the council approve a resolution authorizing Mayor Jim Stewart and Terri Gibson the authority to issue a quit claim deed with no reverter clause to Guy Brenkman. George made a motion to accept; Maxine seconded, accepted by all.

Recurring Monthly Bills: Linda explained the council approved a list of recurring monthly bills in the past giving Treasurer Nancy Nylin preapproval to pay recurring monthly bills. Nancy has updated the list that requires council approval; however there are to be no additional bills paid without council approval. Arnold made a motion to accept; Neil seconded, accepted by all. Jim asked about general maintenance and the council agreed simple maintenance bills are OK.

2008 Flood Projects: Approval to pay disbursements. See attached list. Neil made a motion to authorize Terri to take care of the flood disbursements, George seconded, accepted by all.    

(2) Levee Repair Projects and the train and caboose: Jim explained these projects were not approved because the levee is not certified, however Jim has talked with Jason Hessman regarding some other funds that may be available for the levee repairs. The repairs to the east levee are almost complete and the materials are on site for the repairs to the west levee. Jim also suggested sending a letter to Pioneer Railcorp asking them what they would like us do in regards to the train because we cannot keep it in display condition. Maxine made a motion to accept; Davina seconded, accepted by all.

Revolving Loan Fund: Linda mentioned Jim Stewart-Mayor; Terri Gibson-Clerk and Nancy Nylin-Treasurer all have been getting paid $300 every quarter from the revolving loan fund for administering the revolving loans. Linda being a committee member explained the only thing the members of the committee does is approves or disapproves the loans. Arnold made a motion to temporarily stop paying anyone, Maxine seconded, accepted by all. 

Resolution for Tweety's Hi-Way, Inc. Revolving Loan Fund for $25,000: Linda made a motion to accept the Resolution, Maxine seconded, accepted by all.  

Revolving Loan Fund Flood Loans: Linda explained the council had agreed to defer all the flood victims revolving loan funds until they were open for business again, and now she suggests charging everyone starting November 1, 2008. Linda made a motion to accept; George seconded, accepted by all.

Cleaning at City Hall: Hire Tammy Matthews on contract to clean weekly at city hall and pay her $8 per hour with a maximum of $100 per month (maximum of 12 1/2 hours). Maxine made a motion to accept; Davina seconded, accepted by all.

Davina made a motion to go into executive session to discuss personnel and litigation, Maxine seconded, accepted by all.

Arnold made motion to adjourn, Maxine seconded. Accepted by all.

Time: 8:11 p.m.