News from Reynolds

Ashlee Boers

Connie Short, Mia Caldwell, Tia and Brenna Scott, Linda Brown, Tami Parchert, Troy Clarke, Daren and Tonya Hall, Carson and Drew were supper guests Friday, Oct 17 at Shirley Parchert's home.

Out of town guests who came to the service for George Gauley Jr. were: Kathy McKelvey, Mobile, Alabama; Eric and Christiane McKelvey, Sarah, Lizzie, Brent and Emma, Ozark, Alabama; Michael and Mary Alice McKelvey, William and Breanne, Carlysle, Pa.; Sue Pumphrey, Dallas Texas; Leslie McKelvey Soucinek, Bettendorf, Iowa; Margaret Gauley Gustafson, Pewaukie, Wis.; Dinah Mueller, Pewaukie, Wis.; Randy and Mary Ann Steger, Dubuque Iowa; Danny and Kathy Gustafson, Tulsa, Ok.; Esther Bordwell, Millie Youngquist, Washington, Iowa; Linda Bordwell, Cedar Rapids, Iowa; John Bordwell, Minneapolis, Minn.; Bill and Donna Bordwell, Geneseo; Mrs. Millie King, Grinnell, Iowa; Melvin Gauley, Grinnell, Iowa; Mrs. Fern Taylor, Duck River, Iowa; Mr. and Mrs. Jim Kelly, Eureka.

The Senior M.Y.H. of Reynolds Methodist Church served the hall breakfast at the Reynolds American Legion building, Sunday, Oct. 19. The worship service followed the breakfast at the legion building. Tami Parchert was the breakfast coordinator.

Ken and Ruth Hoyt took a scenic drive to Galena, Sunday, Oct. 19, through Dubuque and said fall foliage is beautiful.

Mel and Susan Blaser entertained for Beulah Venables' birthday, Sunday evening Oct. 19. Tyson Blaser visited in the afternoon. Frank and Sandra Venable and Chelsy Oak were supper guests.

May Hofer is a patient in the Trinity West Hospital.

Jane Cumby and Mary Doonan vacationed in Las Vegas last week to celebrate Jane's birthday, Oct. 14. They visited friends of Mary's while there and saw the show "Bette Midler."

Monsignor Tom Mack, Pontiac, came to visit his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Francis Mack on Sunday, Oct. 19. While he was here they vacationed to La Crosse, Wis., to see a new shrine - Guadaloupe.