News from Seaton

Renea Anderson/Correspondent

Towards the end of September, Mary Schrock of Seaton and her sister, Betty Monts of Aledo took the train on Wednesday from Galesburg to Naperville to go to Mary’s granddaughter, Carrie Lietbke’s. The family, Eric, Carrie and their little ones, Mary’s great grandchildren, along with Mary and Betty traveled on to Eric and Carrie’s cabin on Green Lake in Wisc. They spent the weekend there doing some boating and shopping. The Fall Festival was going on in Green Lake so there was a lot to see and do. The ladies returned on the train to Galesburg and were back by Sunday night.

The Westmer/Aledo Consolidation Information meeting held in September at the Seaton Fire Station was well attended. Four from the committee of ten that have been working on the consolidation efforts for several months presented the meeting. There were about 17 voters present to ask questions and receive information. The consolidation of the two school districts will be voting on Nov. 4 in the general election.

The Aledo Class of 63 met for their 45th class reunion on Saturday night, Oct. 4 at the Livermore Restaurant in Aledo. 36 members of the original class of 63 were there. Ida Gordon Steepleton of Seaton enjoyed visiting with her former classmates from high school.

Tom Chism of Seaton and his son, Will Chism of Keithsburg participated in the fourth annual Bass Fishing Tournament in New Boston on Sunday, Sept. 1. They placed sixth out of 25 teams.

On Oct. 5 at noon in the Seaton Community Center, the descendants of Charles Gordon had their annual family reunion. Ida Gordon Steepleton hosted the event with twenty-eight family members present. It was such a nice day some walked to the park to shoot some basketball hoops.

The Seaton Library is going to have to be closed during their hours on Tuesday and Saturdays until further notice. The rooms of the library have to be repaired which could take a couple of weeks. The books will be removed during this time.

Thank you and enjoy the weather!