Extra police coverage for the Village of Seaton

Renea Anderson/Correspondent

There was much discussion at the Seaton Village Board meeting on Monday, Oct. 20 regarding gas thefts, vandalism and threatening altercations by certain persons living temporarily in the village. The Village of Seaton still has an agreement for police coverage with the Mercer County Sheriff's Department. The county will be sending a deputy down to Seaton for several hours a week to boost police presence in the community.

After the call to order and pledge to the flag, roll call was taken with President Gary Melton, Clerk Vicki Chism, and Board members Kelly Wheeler, Cyndee Stockham, Bob Springer, Carrie Clawson and Wm. "Topper" Brock were present. The minutes for the September meeting were then read and approved by all.

Correspondence was received from the Illinois Municipal League surveying municipalities without building codes. A letter was also received from Bliss McKnight Insurance concerning the renewal of the workmen's compensation coverage.

Clerk Chism presented the bills that included $200 to DeGeeter for park mowings, $125 to Tom Chism for J.U.L.I.E locates, and $23,200 to the county for the oiling and chipping of the streets. The monthly Ameren IP bills and phone bill were included. Brock made a motion to accept all bills for payment, Springer seconded and the motion passed.

Finance: Clerk Chism reported that the auditor had called her with concerns about FDIC coverage limits on the village bank accounts at Freedom Bank. With all the accounts-savings, checking and certificate of deposits the total could be over the maximum guaranteed by FDIC. There was discussion on this subject but no action taken. A Motor Fuel Tax CD that is maturing was voted on not to reinvest. The funds were used to pay for the work done on the streets this summer. Clerk Chism also mentioned that Bliss McKnight Insurance wants to meet with her and do an insurance audit of the village accounts.

Streets: Board member Bob Springer asked for 10-15 more posts to put up the new signs. There are some teenagers in town that want to do community service that will help him. Pres. Melton said he would call the County Highway Department and have the posts delivered.

Grounds: Clerk Chism reported the cement work has been started at the fire station by Rush. She had talked to Craig Zenk about the sidewalk replacement after the tile work at C. Grammer's corner. He said to have Rush do the job because it was a small amount of cement and he would have to order a full load. Clerk Chism reported that Rush had completed that job on the day of the meeting.

Water: Clerk Chism reported that the water meter readings were done on time but the water bills were not sent until that day. Dan Springer had discovered a water leak at his house. That has since been fixed. A new water shut-off has been installed by Craig Zenk at the Engle property.

Old Business: The contract that Robert Alden has requested to keep his tower for internet service on the village water tower has been sent to the village lawyer. The lawyer's office will draw up a five year contract. The village does not use Mr. Alden's service anymore. Frontier will provide the internet service at the town hall and the library. The cost will be $45.98 a month for the first year and $55.98 after that. Clerk Chism also reported that property owner Dick Carson paid the fee for the building permit for his new deck.

New Business: Clerk Chism reported that she talked with Keith Wheeler, Frank Wheeler and Dave Ford when the cement was being poured at the Fire Station last week. They all agreed to serve on the Zoning Board for another term. Brock made a motion to appoint said three to the zoning board, Springer seconded the motion and all approved. Trick or Treat hours were set for Oct. 31 from 5 - 7 p.m. Clerk Chism mention that she needed another minutes book. The current one goes back more than twenty years and will not hold any more pages. Brock made a motion to publish in the newspaper for snow plowing bids with the same request for proof of insurance as last year.

President Melton also gave a brief report on the audit of the village budget for the fiscal year.

Because property tax revenue was down the expenses were higher than the amount budgeted for expenses.

A motion was made to adjourn the meeting at 8:08 p.m.