Aledo passes burn ordinance

Cathy Decker/Staff reporter

In a four to three vote, alderman in the city of Aledo approved an ordinance Monday, Nov. 3, 2008, that adds a fine of from $25 to $100 for improper burning. The city will still allow leaf burning. "Open burning would still be allowed for leaves and vegetation," said Patrick Burelle, city administrator.

In addition all fires must be monitored at all times by an individual over the age of 18.

"You can't burn garbage now and you could not burn garbage before," said Burelle.

There was a lot of discussion over how the ordinance was designed initially, with burning not allowed after dark.

Alderman Marc Dicklin, Ward two, wondered if the time of day restriction would adversely affect second shift workers. "We'd probably have a lot of burning on Saturdays and Sundays," he said.

Alderman Randy Mattson, Ward four said, "I'm for leaving daylight hours on there."

Alderman Rich Maynard, Ward three said, "I'm against that."

Discussions over allowing burning a half hour before sunrise and half hour after sunset, and whether or not burning cardboard would be considered burning garbage, became part of the conversation.

Rich Maynard indicated he did not see a problem with burning cardboard.

The new ordinance clarifies a number of other ordinances in the city code.

The council discussed removing the wording on the hours allowable (during daylight hours) for burning.

"I'm still opposed to striking that," said Mattson.

Voting in favor of the second reading of the burn ordinance were Michael Frye, Marc Dicklin, Doyce Hiscocks and Chris Hagloch. Voting no were Randy Mattson, Robert Rillie and Rich Maynard. Alderman Dale Jones was absent from the meeting.

The ordinance amends the city's burning regulations, which already prohibits burning garbage within city limits and only allows for burning in metal burn barrels, metal receptacle, or furnace, which shall be provided with grating under the entire surface of the bottom thereof, and with a substantial metal screen or covering over the top so constructed as to not allow the escape from such receptacle of any partially burned particles of such paper or other inflammable waste matter, or any cinders or sparks of sufficient size to constitute a fire menace to property.

The amended ordinance also reaffirms that leaf burning can not take place in the street, on the sidewalks or within three feet of the edge of the street in the right of way. Burning is also prohibited less than 20 feet away from adjacent residences.

The burn regulations do not prohibit barbeques or campfire cooking on private property.