Village of Seaton board meeting

Renea Anderson/Correspondent

The Village of Seaton Town Board met for its monthly meeting on Nov. 17, 2008 at 7 p.m. in the Town Hall. After the call to order and pledge to the flag, roll call was taken with President Gary Melton, Clerk Vicki Chism, and Board members Kelly Wheeler, Cyndee Stockham and Bob Springer present. Absent were Carrie Clawson, Alicia Nylin and Wm. "Topper" Brock. The minutes for the October meeting were then read and approved by all.

Clerk Chism presented the bills that included $42.84 to Tom Chism for installation of a new water meter, Hon Concrete $3,258.34 for Fire Station, $3,028 to The Kiddoo Company for the Auto, Fire and Liability policy premium, $2,900 to Taylor, Rees and Lambert and Associates and $55.41 to Clerk Chism for the window blinds at the Town Hall. There were also the Ameren bills for the General and Water accounts, Frontier and $600 for Mark Blythe, water superintendent. A motion was made to accept all bills for payment and the motion passed.

Finance: Clerk Chism reported that Certificate of Deposit at the Freedom Bank was maturing for the General Fund. After discussion, Cyndee Stockham made a motion to reinvest said amount for another six months. The motion passed. Bliss McKnight Insurance will be meeting with Clerk Chism on the morning of Nov. 24 to conduct an insurance audit for their records. Pres. Melton distributed copies of the Village Audit by the accounting firm for everyone to study. The audit recommends raising the water rates to help the shortage of funds in that account. A form to complete on the new tax levy was also circulated and discussed.

Streets: Board member Pres. Melton informed Bob Springer he had not got the posts to install the new signs yet. Bob said the weather was getting too cold to do it now. Clerk Chism reported that Bryce Holmes had built a new deck on the house they are remodeling on 6th Street. They had asked ahead of time about getting a building permit. The young family could be moving in by the end of the month. Pres. Melton said he had received bridge inspection forms to complete. He thought he had indicated that the forms be sent to the County Department because they are going to complete them. Clerk Chism said she would drop them off at the County Highway Department. Bob Springer was the only Streets committeeman there so he opened the only snow removal bid that was received from Skinner Landscaping for $58 an hour per truck. After discussion Wheeler made a motion to accept the bid from Eric Skinner and the motion passed.

Police: There was much discussion about the agreement papers from the Mercer County Sheriff's department for police coverage in Seaton. Initially 30-40 hours of police coverage per month had been discussed. The county didn't know if they could staff that request and it might be too costly anyway. The cost will be $15 an hour from the officer's door and back at the end of the shift and at least $.55 a mile for mileage. Cyndee Stockham made a motion to go with 20 hours a month for public safety coverage to start with. The motion passed.

Ordinance: Kelly Wheeler passed around the draft of the proposed door-to-door salesman ordinance. After much discussion, it was decided that the permit cost will be $10 a year and the fines for not having a permit could range from $100 - $500 per day. This is the second reading so after one more meeting the ordinance will be voted on.

Water: Clerk Chism reported that the water meter was installed at the Bryce Holmes residence on 6th Street. The house had been empty for over 30 years and there wasn't even a meter there.

Old Business: Copies of the 5-year contract for air cast wireless were looked over and discussed. This is for the tower for Internet service that is on the village water tower. They have to be signed and notarized by Pres. Gary Melton and returned.

New Business: Kelly Wheeler reported on a local tree service that is using the curve East of Seaton to  their trimmings. Both Bob Springer and Kelly Wheeler had told them that they could not dump there. That is only for Seaton residences to dispose of branches when there is an ice storm or wind storm. The fire department should not have to periodically burn the pile. At this time of year when the crops are still in the fields they can't do it anyway. There was much discussion and the tree service could possibly be fined. No decision was made. A resignation letter was read from Alicia Nylin effective Nov. 1, 2008. Wheeler made a motion to accept with regret and the motion passed. The Board will miss their active board member and committeeman. Pres. Melton said he probably would not fill the seat for 90 days. Her term is up in April anyway. Interested citizens must be a resident of Seaton for at least a year.

A motion was made to adjourn the meeting at 8:25 p.m.