Keithsburg City Council okays year end bonuses

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record

Mayor Jim Stewart opened the Keithsburg City Council meeting at 7 p.m. on Dec. 8, 2008 with the following aldermen present: Maxine Henry, Linda O'Brien, Davina Logsdon, Neil Nylin, George Askew and Arnold Askew.

Minutes of Nov. 10, 2008 Meeting: Neil made a motion to accept; Davina seconded, accepted by all.

Cash Receipts: Linda made a motion to accept; Neil seconded, accepted by all.   

Cash Disbursements: Maxine made a motion to accept; Arnold seconded, accepted by all. 

Streets and Sidewalks: The council thanked George Lyle for putting up the Christmas lights and informed him they looked very nice.  

Fire Department: Santa Claus will be at the fire station Dec. 20, 2008 at 1 p.m.

Police Department: Arnold explained Officer Engle pulled a vehicle over outside of Keithsburg in the New Boston squad. He was out of his jurisdiction to begin with and he did not radio the county regarding the stop. Arnold wants to make sure this type of situation does not happen while he is in our squad car. Maxine will talk with Engle. George Askew suggested changing the speed limit on the south end of town from 25 mph to 35 mph and issue tickets to anyone going over 35 mph. Jim did not agree with this suggestions and George explained over 75 percent of the vehicles are not obeying the speed limit and we are the town with a 25 mph speed limit in town. The council agreed to leave the speed limit at 25 mph and have the police officers start writing tickets, no more warnings. 

Train & Caboose: Arnold has some people that are willing to come in with their tractors and drag the train and caboose out of the way so we can repair the levee. Jim explained a local community along with a crane company is coming Thursday morning to look and see if it would be feasible to move the train and caboose to their community.

Alderman Wages: George Askew suggested raising the council members pay from $40 per meeting to $50 per meeting effective for the newly elected officials or reelected officials only. George made motion to accept, Linda seconded, accepted by all. 

Emergency Shelter: Mercer County Health Department is in the process of identifying, community disaster relief shelters. They sent a letter asking if we would list our shelter, however the form mentions a memorandum of agreement in which we did not receive. The council wants to make sure the city will maintain control over our shelter at all times. Jim will contact them for more information. 

Christmas Bonuses: $150 - George Lyle, Steve Nylin, Cody James, Cory Logsdon, and Terri Gibson; $40 - Bill Engle and $25 - Tammy Matthews. Linda made motion to accept, Maxine seconded, accepted by all except Davina who abstained.

Christmas Lights Judging: Last year Peanuts Vandevort, Goldie Brown, Ruth Dennison and Darlene Adams all volunteered to be judges with prizes for  1st- $75; 2nd- $55.00; 3rd- $45; 4th- $35; 5th- $25 and 6th- $25. Linda made motion to accept, Davina seconded, accepted by all.

Arnold made a motion to adjourn, George seconded. Accepted by all.

Time: 7:15 p.m.

Terri Gibson

City Clerk