News from Little York

Florence Carver/Correspondent

(Jan. 5, 2009) Kathleen and Lyle Worthington enjoyed having all of their children and grandchildren with them for a few days over the holidays -- Victor and Brian and families from Rochelle, and daughter Kelly and Steve Edson of Alexandria, Va., also Kathleen's sister, Mary Wurlzberber of Roseville.

Janet and Ted Johnson, Ellen and Dean Ischer were New Year's Eve support guests of Debra and Jim Darrah.

A number of people from the Belmont and Little York community attended the wedding reception for Laura Brokaw and Ryan McLaughlin held at the K.C. building in  Monmouth on Saturday evening.

Bob Perrin and his family, Joel and Jana with son Jared and his friend, Josh, and Cassie of Lindenwood, John and Peg with Brad and Katie of Monmouth, enjoyed supper in Rock Island on Saturday night.

Shirley and Bob Darrah and Gladys and Jim Free spent New Years Eve with Beverly and Jerry Clark of Rozetta.

Doris and Lawrence Lee joined six other couples, former Kirkwood neighbors, for New Year's Eve supper and visiting at Cloud Nine in Monmouth.

Bruce, Lynn and Christy Carver of Fuquay Varina, N.C. recently visited Diane, Jeff, Howard and Florence Carver for a few days.

While Pastor Dave and Linda Dutton spent a belated Christmas with their daughter and family in New York, Cheryl Free filled the pulpit at Little Cedar Church last Sunday.

Pat Fredrickson would like to have the recipes turned in to her soon so the Recipe Book can be printed.

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