News from Reynolds

Beulah Venable/Correspondent

Paula and Joe Wesenberg spent Christmas Eve with her mother, Vey Booth.

David, Rosemary and Eric Curry, Vicki and Todd Ireland, Milan, and Marty Curry, Rock Island were Christmas dinner guests of Bonnie, Dick, and Amanda Curry.

Joe and Mary Lou DeMarlie, Beth Patrizi and Mary Gauley had Christmas brunch at Christopher and Kristin DeMarlies.

Mr. and Mrs. Joe DeMarlie ate Christmas dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Lindsey Wolf, Sherrard, Mr. and Mrs. Art Ernat and family, Kristen, Chris and Benjamin DeMarlie were also guests.

Mr. and Mrs. Loren Dixon spent Christmas Eve with their daughter, Craig, Anita, and Eric Michaels, Rock Island.

Mr. and Mrs. William Parchert entertained Mr. and Mrs. Paul Parchert, Justin and Abby, William and Marilyn Parchert, Lucille and Bryan Elliott, and Kyle Deppert for Christmas dinner.

Ken and Cindy Flack celebrated with their son, Brad Flack and his family, East Moline, Christmas Eve.

Christmas day the Flacks ate Christmas dinner with their daughter, Michelle Baker and family, Abingdon.

Mr. and Mrs. Don Hampton entertained Mr. and Mrs. Al Hampton and family Christmas Eve.

Christmas Day dinner guests of Kent and Colleen Hessman were Matt and Jennifer Randazzo, Rock Island, Alb and Sharon Sowash, Florida, Craig and Mary Kay Johnson, Don and Mary Hessman, Mathew, Mark and Elizabeth, Jenny Jaros, Port Byron, and Matt and Lisa Bowman, Maggie and Margo, Andalusia.

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Newton entertained for Christmas dinner, Natalie and Steve Encapera, Anna and Leah Troy, Joanie and Sam Boney Justine, Chicago and Marshall, Monmouth Ruch and Ken Hoyt, John, Stephanie Austin and Tiffany Hoyt, Rock Island.

Saturday, Dec. 20, Sharon Mueller entertained for Christmas, Julie, Matt, Jenny and Avak Robinson, Jeanne and Amanda Mueller, Damon Pearson, Jackie, Matt, Dillon and Zachary Tracy, Bloomington, Jeri and Max Mueller, and Craig Pigeon, Houston, Texas, Myrna Matlick, Kim Matlick, Joey Lincoln, and Stephanie Miller.

Dec. 27, Merle and Virginia Moffitt entertained for Christmas evening dinner, Duane and Brenda Moffitt, Illinois City, Andrea, Jason, and Alex Baraks, Moline, Bob, Sarah and Patrick Brooks, Casey, Mooberry, Peoria, Justin Moffitt, Jeff and (Jenny) Moffitt, Sebastian and Holly.

Sarah Brooks received her master’s degree in psychology from Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville on Saturday, Dec. 20.

Jeff, Jane, and Anna Otten entertained Cam and Weldon Otten, and Helen Phillips for Christmas dinner.

Christmas Eve guests of Sherry and Steve Oak were Wendell and Elaine Oak, Norman and LaVonne Wait, David Wait, Michael Wheeler and Jan, Connie Coffman, Travis Norris, Jonathon and Stephanie Oak.

Andy, Kelly and Lauren Powell entertained Christmas Eve, Rick and Sherry Powell, Betty Quist, Rick and Sherri Powell, Lacey, Heather and Cole Powell.

Christmas Eve Marilyn and Graydon Kranz entertained Bill Kranz and family, Jeff and Kristen Kranz and family, Rhonda and Gary VandeCasteele and boys, Doug and Kim House and family.

Christmas day the Armstrong families were entertained by Cindy and Roger Sanders, Karen and Jerry Gillett, Ken and Barbara, Kaitlin and Lauren Hoffman, Amy, Lisa, and Eric Sanders, Kathy, Scott, Andrea, and Tyler Jahn.

Christmas Eve dinner guests at Jim and Connie Widdops were Jim, Chelsey, Ashley and Connie Widdop, Ivan Anderson, Bob and Marian Miller, Jim and Linda Widdop and Pastor Beth Tickner at 5 p.m.

Mel and Susan Blaser entertained for Christmas dinner Anna Gulbrandsen, Frank and Sandra Venable, Chelsy, Oak, Beulah Venable, Tucker Blaser, Tyson Blaser and Holley Begyn.

We express our sympathy to the family of Raymond Dawson.

Jim and Linda Widdop entertained Christmas Day, Lisa and Marty Gray and family, Jim and Connie Widdop and family, Jeff and Dana Widdop and family, Liane and Todd Freyermuth and family, Lorry and Todd Wilson and family, Tate and Mary Ann Vroman.

Christmas brunch Amanda and Jeff Pickett entertained Francis and Donna Mack.

Christmas dinner guests of Donna and Francis Mack were Carol and Jason Lewis and John Wagle.

Ron and Marlene DeMarlie were dinner guests on Christmas with their son, Bill and Holly Ferencevich, Eric and Nicole, Rock Island.

Coralie Krueger entertained Friday and Saturday, Dec. 26-27 Susan Price, Angela and Josh Roberts, Macon, Miss., Shelly and Rusty Rudsell, Davis Junction, Diane Verschoore, Moline, Jill and Marshall Schriner and Allyssa, Rock Island, Wendy and Mike Dwinal, Tyler and Chase, Bloomington, Laura and Joe Simmons, Amber, Nicole, and Tara, Andalusia, Amanda Rudsell, Josalyn and Alexis, Rockford.

Christmas night Jack and Rhonda Massey entertained Aaron, Susan and Lila Massey, Chicago, Amber, Eric, Kourtney, McKenzie, and Karrigan Kiddoo, Adam, Trisha, Taylor, Chandler, Landon and Sawyer Massey and Imogene Massey, Illinois City.

John Stetson, Bethany, Bill, Honour, Rebecca and Wesley, Austin, Texas, Mary, Gregg, and Marc Hansen, Chicago, Tim and Sid Stetson were Christmas dinner guests of Pat Stetson. The Texas people will stay till January 2.