Robert Blackford/Editor

It's down to five

Students will chose mascot, name, colors Wednesday

Students in the Aledo and Westmer school districts will chose Jan. 21 the mascot, name and colors of the new school district. The winning combination will be announced at the Jan. 21 board meeting.

There are two choices for the name of the new district. It will be either Mercer County or Mercer.

There are five choices for mascot and colors. The mascot and colors will go together.

The names are listed alphabetically.

1 - Black Knights - black, Vegas gold and white

2 - Cobras - black, Vegas gold and white

3 - Generals - Navy Blue, white and Vegas gold

4 - Golden Eagles - Navy blue, Vegas gold and white

5 - River Pirates - Black, Vegas gold and Dark Red

Mercer County Board member Trisha Hank said there were more than 1,000 submissions in the contest with 851 of them coming electronically. Committee members met Jan. 15 to chose the top five. Committee members were Brian Dennison, Bob Stockham, Cullen Welter, Rusty Ruggles, Angie Dellitt, Cherie Smith along with students Tyler Schull, Kristen Bridgford, C.J. DeSpain and Meghan Dillie.

From over 1,000 submissions the group came down to 16. "The top five rose to the top from those 16," said Hank.

Hank said the "Aledo Green Dragons" was the most popular submission. Some of the ideas which were not chosen were: The Rhubarb Catfish," "M.C. Hammers," "Fightin' Tractors" and the "MC Bad Boyz."