News from Seaton

Renea Anderson/Correspondent

We have two new families that have moved into town. Over at the West end of 6th Street it is so good to see lights on after 31 years of a dark house. Bryce and Nikki Holmes remodeled and fixed up the old Henry house next to the Carlson house. They have two young sons. Carson, 4, and baby Brady. Bryce works for the County Highway Department and also helps his dad farm. Nikki runs a daycare in their home. Bryce is the grandson of Fred and Therese Carlson so the house is "staying in the family".

Earl and Myrna Saddoris are buying the house on 3rd St. that the Bill Ryner lived in from Ruthe Greer. Earl and Myrna are moving here from New Windsor. Myrna works for Wal-Mart. Their children are almost all grown and not living at home.

Dave Clawson had a birthday early last week. Ed Anderson is having a birthday on Sunday, Jan. 18.

Results from the caucuses from Monday and Tuesday night are in. On the  April 7th ballot for Village President will be Wm. "Bud" Walthall, Clerk- declined by Edwina Wright, and three Board Trustees - Cyndee Stockham, Carrie Clawson and Edwin "Ed" Tarr. At the Democratic township caucus on Tuesday night the following nominations were made: Highway Commissioner- Randy Anderson, Supervisor - no candidate, Clerk - Gary Greer, and four township trustees - Dorothy Stevenson, Keith Wheeler, L. Renea Anderson and Tom Chism. At the Republican caucus the same night the following nominations were made: Highway Commissioner - Harvey Dekeyrel defeated Frank Wheeler for the nomination, Supervisor - Ivan Ewing, and Township trustees- Doug Chaffer, Neil Truman, Gary Unsworth and Chris Jones. On Wednesday night for the Multi Township Assessor position Janet Dekeyrel was chosen at the Republican caucus.