APD receives donations for K-9 program

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record

The Aledo Police Department is pursuing a K-9 program and the purchase of a police  dog. Recently during the budget meetings to establish the 2009 city budget, Officer Adam Moseley made a presentation to the City Council asking for permission to establish a K-9 program which would include a drug-sniffing dog.

Officer Moseley made the commitment to raise or seek funds in the amount of $8,000.00 that would include the purchase of the dog, training, kennel, and equipment to start the program. Included in the 2009 budget was a line item that would sustain the K-9 program if the initial funds are raised.

Officer Moseley and Chief J. Michael Sponslor did meet with State Representative Pat Verschoore about any State Funds but at this time no state funds are available. State Representative Verschoore was very open to helping in this matter and provided other contact names for us to seek assistance.

Officer Moseley is pursuing the task of raising the initial funds to get the dog purchased and start the program. Officer Moseley has been contacting civic groups and speaking to any organization that might be interested in making a donation.

This dog will be a passive, non-aggressive dog that will mostly be used for detecting drugs. The dog also will be available to visit schools, civic groups and other interested organizations that want to learn more about the dog and see how the dog works.

If any one is interested in donating to this program or has any questions about this matter, please contact Chief Sponsler at the Aledo Police Department.