News from Seaton

Renea Anderson/Correspondent

Celebrating a birthday on Friday, Jan. 25 was Nancy Sloan of rural Seaton and her granddaughter, Megan Dillie of Joy. Nancy turned 70 and Megan celebrated her 17th.

Renea Anderson of Seaton hosted a Soups, Breads and Desserts luncheon on Sunday Jan. 25 for her mother, Norma Morrison’s 76th birthday. About twenty of the family’s women and young girls enjoyed spending the afternoon together. Helping with the event were Chris Morrison of (Joy) and Rhonda Riley of Aledo. Of Norma’s 12 grandchildren, there were seven there: Toni Weeks of Aledo, Kacey Martin and Joni Sharar of Muscatine, Dawn Dieckman and Meredith Morrison of Joy, Renee Martin of New Boston and Megan Bull of Reynolds. Ten of Norma’s seventeen great grandchildren enjoyed the celebration.

The Seaton Library is looking for volunteers to donate a couple hours of their time. All that is required is signing out books to patrons and putting library books back on the shelves. There is Internet service available.