Bockman resigns CUSD #404

Cathy Decker/Staff reporter

Frank Bockman, interim superintendent of CUSD #404 has submitted his resignation. "He came in this morning and submitted his resignation," CUSD #404 board president Dwight Shoemaker said Monday, Feb. 9.

He said the district will need to retain another interim superintendent to finish out the time until July 1, 2009, when the new district will be fully functional.

"We're going to try and retain another candidate to come in and try and finish out the job," said Shoemaker. He said the new district is at a crucial time. "We're working on curriculum and looking at academic performance," he said. The district has also been working on the busing issue.

"We've got a pretty good start on that, but we still have to decide whether we'll have all district busing, or go 50-50," he said.

He has been in contact with the remaining 404 school board members as to when another board meeting will be held. "We're trying to find out when everybody can meet," he said.

This will be the third interim superintendent hired by the new district.

"We still have plenty of time to do it. This is a bump in the road, but we'll handle it."


The primary goal of # 404 all along is to review curriculum, according to Shoemaker.

"Before the board makes its final decision it needs to decide what core curriculum is going to be taught," he said.

At Wednesday's Feb. 6 CUSD #404 board meeting Bockman was set to make a curriculum presentation. "We tabled Mr. Bockman’s curriculum presentation because we felt we needed more time to get input from the faculty," said Shoemaker.

"Apparently Mr. Bockman felt that his presentation was adequate without additional information and should be adopted without further review.

The board did not agree," Shoemaker said.

"I wish Mr. Bockman the best," he said, "but the goal of this board is to try to come up with the best possible curriculum and it will never rest with one man."

We will try to gather all the info we can in the time provided and then the board members will vote, he said.

There is some misunderstanding about how soon notice needs to be given to teachers for next year. He said that notice does not need to given 60 working days before the end of the school year. "It is 60 calendar days as to when notice needs to be given to tenured faculty from the last school day," he said.

"We have adequate time to review the curriculum issue."

"The argument that deadlines are going to be missed is simply not true," he added.