Downtown Wi-Fi almost a reality

Robert Blackford/Editor

The Aledo City Council almost had a deal for Wi-Fi in downtown but will now wait for two more pieces of information.

At it's Committee of the Whole meeting Jan. 19 the council Aledo Main Street members Gerrod Andresen spoke to the council about  establishing a Wi-Fi network in Aledo. Andresen told the council that the two-year cost for the project through the Viola Home Telephone Company was $9,861.52. Aledo Main Street is kicking in $6,000. They obtained in a grant for the project so the cost to the city would be roughly $3,861 spread out over two years.

Dave Carbone, the director for Internet sales for Frontier spoke briefly to the council asked the council to consider using Frontier instead.

Carbone asked "What do you want to accomplish?"

Mayor Lee Celske told Carbone that cost was a major factor to the council.

Alderman Doyce Hiscocks pointed out that the network was not going to be for business use.

Carbone noted that Frontier could set up a network for a cost between $350 and $900 a month depending on what the council was looking for. He also noted that the city would have access to the expertise of Frontier over the period of a contract with them.

Celske pointed out that the council was looking for something inexpensive that they could get out of in two years not a three to five year deal that Frontier was proposing.

When it came time for the council to approve the Wi-Fi addition at the regular city council meeting no one in attendance knew whether there would be an additional cost from Ameren for mounting the nodes on Ameren's poles. Andresen said he would check on the cost and return to the council meeting in two weeks.