Hospital cuts employees wages

Robert Blackford/Editor

By Robert Blackford/Editor

Mercer County Hospital's board of directors agreed cut the wages of approximately 160 hospital employees by three percent at the board's Feb. 16 meeting. The wage cut will last until the end of the hospital's fiscal year and be evaluated at that time. The cut will affect all non-contract employees of the hospital.

Mercer County Hospital's Interim CEO Myron Higgins said that the hospital has been spending more money than it is making in the past few months. "We will review that every month," said Higgins. Higgins said he had asked for voluntary furloughs by the employees prior to that and had a number of people step up and do that.

Higgins estimated that the wage cut would save the hospital about $7,000 per pay period or more than $13,000 per month.

Higgins said the hospital's board of directors will forego their per diem for the rest of the fiscal year. That amounts to about $35 per member.

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