Keithsburg city council minutes

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Aledo Times Record

Mayor James Stewart opened the meeting at 7 p.m.

Alderman present: Neil Nylin, George Askew, Arnold Askew, Davina Logsdon and Maxine Henry. Linda O'Brien was absent.

Cash receipts:  Arnold made a motion to accept; Neil seconded, and accepted by all.

Cash disbursements: Maxine made a motion to accept; Davina seconded, and accepted by all.

Minutes of Jan. 12, 2009 meeting: Davina made a motion to accept; Neil seconded, and accepted by all.

Water/Sewer: Steve Nylin explained there had been a couple of water line breaks and therefore the system has been stirred up. The breaks have been repaired. Steve is waiting on one more part to get all the lift stations back up and running again. He will be replacing another fire hydrant at 16th & Jackson Street; it is one of the older hydrants and needs to be replaced.

Partner's in Job Training & Placement (for ages 16-21): This program is part of the national economic stimulus package, and the city could receive funds to operate a summer youth employment program. The council agreed to allow Jim and Terri to proceed with this program.  

Keithsburg Road from IL 17 to Keithsburg: The Illinois Department of Transportation has rescheduled the patching, milling, widening and resurfacing of the Keithsburg Road from IL 17 to Keithsburg. The plan is to provide 12-foot traffic lanes in each direction, resurfacing the existing 12-foot parking lanes, and by performing all other work necessary to complete the improvements. The total project cost will be $2,875,000 and if the city prefers to have the exiting 12-foot parking lanes resurfaced, it will cost $4,025. Arnold made a motion for the city to pay $4,025 to resurface the parking lanes, Maxine seconded, and accepted by all. 

Advertise part-time summer help: Arnold made a motion to advertise; Neil seconded, and accepted by all.     

Police Department: Vickie Chism, City Clerk from the village of Seaton, was present to discuss the possibility of entering into a contract for police protection. Seaton is interested in entering a contract for offering approximately 20-30 hours of police protection monthly. Officer Engle thought it would be a good idea, and explained by having a contract between the two towns he would have jurisdiction in between. Jim suggested Terri and Attorney Robert Rillie work together on some costs to present to the council next month.  Maxine made a motion to accept; George seconded, and accepted by all.

Economic development committee meeting: Steve Nylin, Jennifer Garner, Mark Jackson from Rock Island RC& D, Cannon Precision's Bank president and the Realtor have a three-hour meeting schedule later in February.

Jim mentioned a company may be using the south side of the north boat ramp to off load some rock for some work to be done in this pool.

Gym Floor: Arnold is volunteering his time to wax the gym floor. He needs a buffer and wax. The council agreed.  

Westmer Walleye fishing school: Wil Chism asked Arnold about using the gymnasium on Sundays for (1) one month for a Westmer Walleye Fishing School. There are (16) kids enlisted at this time and Arnold would like permission to not charge for the event because it is a school function. John Swank used it last Sunday and only had a couple show up. Neil made a motion to accept; Maxine seconded, and accepted by all.  

Gilmour Tuckpointing Sign: Davina asked if Jeff Gilmour could put up produce signs at the city limits on the north, east and south entrances. Jim explained the county would have to give them permission. Jim explained the signs at the end of the six mile were state authorized.

Levee repair estimates: Estimates for levee repair from two local businessmen came in -- Keith Frieden Excavating, Inc. in the amount of $3,500 plus $2,100 for the use of a smooth drum roller for compacting - Total $5,600 and Kenny Tharp Masonry Restoration, LLC in the amount of $6,600 and using the dozer tracks to insure proper compaction. Jim explained Jason Hessman (our District Conservationist) from USDA Natural Resources has applied for EWP funds to help with the cost of our levee repairs. Jim has an appointment with him tomorrow morning to sign papers. Steve explained it is better if we wait until the frost goes out of the ground to keep it from creating a void. Neil made a motion to accept Keith Frieden Escavting estimate of $5,600, Arnold seconded, and accepted by all.    

Westmer Post Prom donation: Neil made a motion to donate $100; Maxine seconded, and accepted by all.

Police Department: Jim has spoken with Mike Defrieze who is available to work a few hours. Mike could work and make trips back and forth. Maxine made a motion to have Mike put back on the roster for part-time and pay him the same hourly wage as Officer Engle with a maximum of 20 hours per week, Davina seconded, and accepted by all.

Arnold made motion to adjourn, George seconded. Accepted by all. 

Time: 7:27 p.m.

Terri Gibson

City Clerk