Museum seeks yearbook donations

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record
Teague Holmes sits amid some of the various yearbooks found at the Mercer County Historical Society. The MCHS is looking for yearbook donations from any area school, both past and present. The book in the forefront shows the first yearbook for Aledo, called the Pioneer.

Donations of old high school yearbooks are being sought for the Mercer County Historical Society's (MCHS) Essley Noble Museum, located at 1406 SE 2nd Ave., Aledo. As Mercer County will soon be down to one high school, the MCHS is looking for the volumes of yearbooks from all former schools.

The Joy High School collection is complete with 24 volumes and there are some from the Aledo, Alexis, RMA, Keithsburg, Viola, New Windsor, Winola, Westmer and Seaton schools. "We only have one of Keithsburg and that's 1960," says Twyla Holmes, MCHS board member. "We also don't have any from William & Vashti College."

Anyone who wishes to donate yearbooks can contact Holmes at (309) 582-5585, or Shirley Crawford at the museum at 582-2280. The museum is seasonal, with hours running from 1-5 p.m. on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays from April 1 through October.

Holmes says that during the summer season when the museum is open many guests come in looking for old yearbooks to glance through. The museum has a list of which volumes are on hand and what is needed.

"People come in looking for information on schools and individuals who attended these schools and we would like to have as much information as possible," says Holmes. Any willing donations will be welcomed. "Our school systems were and are very important to this community and we would like to have them available for viewing for anyone who needs the information."

As a point of interest, the earliest Aledo yearbook is from 1916 and was called the Pioneer. The museum has no New Boston yearbooks. If there are any schools that are being left out, the museum would appreciate any information it could get on those schools.