Village of Seaton appoints Ed Tarr as trustee

Renea Anderson/Correspondent

The Village of Seaton Town Board met for its monthly meeting on March 16, 2009 at the Town Hall. After the call to order at 7 p.m. and pledge to the flag, roll call was taken with President Gary Melton, Clerk Vicki Chism, and Board members Kelly Wheeler, Carrie Clawson, Cyndee Stockham, Wm. "Topper" Brock and Bob Springer present. Minutes were read from the February meeting and approved.

Pres. Melton had appointed Ed Tarr to fill the trustee seat on the board created by Alicia Nylin's resignation. Tarr was asked to come to the meeting and Ed Tarr's oath of office was presided over by Clerk Chism.

Correspondence: Bob Springer reported on the information from Partners in Job Training about funding for summer jobs for youths. Their office will call when the funds become available. Their initial letter was inquiring if the village had any interest in the summer program. There was an IEPA letter on groundwater pathogens. Pres. Melton said the information does not pertain to Seaton. Pres. Melton said he received a letter from the Census Bureau. They need a contact person and phone number by March 31 for the 2010 complete counting training. No one volunteered. Mercer County Soil and Water Conservation District sent an invitation to a landscaping seminar coming up. Blick and Blick sent an invitation to their pancake and sausage day on Saturday, March 21.

Clerk Chism presented the bills for approval. Clerk Chism said the Ameren IP bills had not come in the mail. The General Fund included $174 to E. Skinner for snow removal, Frontier for $76.89 and Clerk Chism for office supplies -$26.15. A bill was received from C. Zenk for the three culverts and water lines installed in the summer of 2008. The $7,791.99 bill was divided up with $6,306.69 to General Fund and $1,485.30 to the Water Fund. From the Water Fund also were repairs of $252.20 of a motor and a solenoid, Knox Plumbing and Heating for labor on repairs, chlorine from ACCO- $280.80 and water superintendent Mark Blythe $600. A vote was taken and the bills were approved by all.

Finance: Clerk Chism reported that the quarterly paperwork would be due at the end of March. After the bills were read, Stockham from the Finance Committee made a motion to move $10,000 from the General fund savings account to the checking account. The motion passed.

Streets: Rock for the west end of 1st street was discussed. Last month it was reported to be in bad condition and didn't get oiled and chipped last summer. Stockham made a motion to purchases two loads of rock and have Larry Truman haul it for them. He will know the correct size of rock and is good at spreading it. The board did not have anyone else to level it out.

Grounds: Pres. Melton informed Ed Tarr that his new duties include being chairman of the Grounds Committee. It was decided to put the mowing bid ad in The Times Record. Pres. Melton thought they should contact Jackson Disposal for garbage pickup at the park starting April 1. Bob Springer mentioned that the merry-go-round needs new boards and the swings need new ropes. Wheeler made a motion to pay for the park repairs and the motion passed. Tarr will help him fix the equipment.

Police: Kelly Wheeler reported on the Keithsburg Town Board meeting concerning the police contract with Seaton. She presented copies of the proposed contract to all present. This will be sent to the law firm representing the Village of Seaton to approve. There was a motion to accept the contract with final approval made and the motion passed.

Ordinance: Clerk Chism reported that a certified letter concerning the dog ordinance was refused at the post office by a homeowner. The sheriff's department will deliver it the next time.

Water: Clerk Chism reported that the water meters would be read and bills sent out at the end of the month. Clerk Chism reported that a chlorine pump needs replaced and the cost would be around $700. Brock made the motion to okay the purchase and installation and the motion passed. She also reported that young Frank Wheeler's meter is leaking at his house on 3rd St. It was reported that he was trying to dig it up to fix it but Pres. Melton said to call Zenk to do the excavating. It is not clear how much water pipe has to be replaced at the shut-off.

New Business: Carrie Clawson reported on some complaints about 4-wheelers traveling at high rates of speed on the streets and in open spaces. The posted speed limit on side streets is 20 mph.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:55 p.m.