News From Matherville

Stephanie Surr/Correspondent

Hey, two weeks - in a row. I've hit a milestone.

With a turn in the weather coming, take a walk downtown and stop at Krusteez. Krusteez Pizza has been owned by Joan Strom since last October.

Watched the Today Show this morning. Two women were discussing ways parents should own up to their mistakes. One story mentioned how a mom had "borrowed" some money out of her son's piggy bank. When the young boy discovered he had money missing, the child went to tell his mother. Instead of confessing a "sin" the woman put blame on the older sister.

This must happen in many households. When I was a young girl, my brothers and I would always get chocolate covered cherries in our stockings. I was not a big Chocolate Covered Cheeries eater. I might have one every day. My brothers would have devoured them within a few hours. One post Christmas I discovered that my candy was quickly missing. I told my mothers that I thought my brothers were stealing. With a stone face, my mother replied,

Oh, those boys. I'll have to tell them to stop."

That would have been fine - save for the fact that it was, finding out years later, that the thief was my own mother.

Call and let me know what's going on in town. We all need to keep up on those little bits of good gossip.