Consolidated ballot is full

Staff Writer
Aledo Times Record

The April 7, 2009 consolidated election has some new candidates running for office. In Aledo there are races in all four wards, with only one incumbent seeking reelection.

Mayoral, alderman, city clerk, city treasurer races in Aledo have brought in a lot of new faces and some returning.

In the mayoral race, former Aledo Mayor C. Wm. Stancliff, independent, is facing a former Aledo alderman, Jack Doherty, democratic, with no Citizens Party candidate. Stancliff served as mayor for three successive terms from 1993 through 2005. Doherty served as an alderman during most of Stancliff's term as mayor, also for 12 years. He left as alderman of Ward 2 in 2007.

Running for city clerk are Curtis E. Richardson, democratic, and Jarod Dale, citizens. There is just one candidate running for the city treasurer, William L. Stropes, democratic.

In the alderman races, just one ward has an incumbent running - Chris Hagloch, citizens, running for the Ward 1 seat. He is opposed by Tab Balmer, Jr., democratic.

New to politics is ward 2 candidate Michael D. Baugher, democratic, who is running for a four-year term. Also in ward two is Richard E. Hunter, democratic, who is running unopposed for a two-year term that Don Zook, Jr. resigned from in August 2008.

Ward 3 has a race with Barry A. Cooper, democratic, opposed by Jason Connell, citizens.

The ward 4 race is between Terry Bewley, democratic and Donald D. Karch, citizens.


The city of Keithsburg has just one race this time around - in ward 3 - with Linda O'Brien and Roy Pritchett running for the same alderman position. Running for mayor is Arnold Askew, a current ward 3 alderman. City clerk Terri Gibson and city treasurer Nancy Nylin are running for reelection unopposed. Ward 1 alderman Davina Logsdon and H. Maxine Henry, ward 2, are also running for another 4-year term.

New Boston

Dennis M. Dixon, peoples party is unopposed for the mayor's position in New Boston. Running for city treasurer are Rodger Raine, citizens against Audrey Stineman, peoples. There are three wards in New Boston, with zero opposition for the four people's candidates running - Mark Fourdyce, ward 1; LuAnn Krengle, ward 2 (unexpired two-year term); Clint Miller, ward 2 and David McDonald, ward 3.


The village of Viola has an incumbent running unopposed for mayor - Kirk Doonan, anti-license. Marilyn Carrico, anti-license, is seeking reelection as the village clerk, unopposed. Running for the three, four-year trustee spots are Connie Lindsay, Jack Carrico and Michael Nelson, all anti-license. An unexpired two-year term trustee spot has Julie Carlson, anti-license, as the only candidate.


The village of Sherrard's leadership is not up for grabs, as current village president Terry Ayers is seeking reelection unopposed.

Rebecca Irwin is running for village clerk. There is a race for the village treasurer position with Bonnie Schwab and Iana McMeekan running for the slot.

There are also four individuals running for three seats on the village board. Running for trustees are Shawn Wyant, Floyd Creger, Delbert Henry and Paula Rath.


The village of Reynolds also has an unopposed slate of candidates including, Joseph E. DeMarlie, progressive, mayor; Mark E. Allen, citizens, village clerk; Nick Miller, progressive, Chris W. Rowe and Richard Curry, both citizens, for trustees. An unexpired two-year trustee spot has Leonard Knox, citizens, on the ballot.


Village president George O. Braucht, people's, is running unopposed again to head the village of Joy for a two-year term.

Running for four-year trustee spots are Deanna K. Kernan, Penny Smith and Audrey M. Bryant, all people's.


William "Bud" Walthall, people's, is running for the village president spot unopposed. There is no candidate for Seaton Village Clerk on the ballot. Three individuals are running for the three village trustee positions - Carrie Clawson, Cyndee Stockham and Eddie Tarr, all people's.

North Henderson

Running unopposed for North Henderson village president is James A. Tucker, people's. Jennifer McCutcheon is running as the sole candidate for village clerk. The three village trustee positions have three candidates running John R. Loveridge, Richard C. McCutcheon and Diane McVey, all people's.


There are no races for the village of Alexis, with the mayor candidate Dale Oberhaus, citizens; trustees (vote for three) James VanFleet, citizens, Julie VanFleet, peoples and Butch Rose, independent.


Matherville has a race for the mayor's spot, with Larry Pete Adams, democratic, against Tim A. McMeekan, independent. Anne Slavish, democratic, is unopposed for the village treasurer's position. There are three trustees on the ballot for three positions -- Jeffery Garret. Daniel Robinson and James Starcevich, all democratic.

New Windsor

The village of Windsor has a complete ballot of only people's party candidates, with no races. Running for village president is Michael Peterson. Claudine D. Johnson is seeking reelection as village clerk. Three trustees for four-year terms are Steven P. Kness, Bruce Gibeau and Kathy Gregory. Two individuals are needed to serve out unexpired trustee terms, with Teresa Gibeau and Debra Peterson on the ballot.