Doherty will be new mayor

Robert Blackford/Editor

John F. (Jack) Doherty will be the new mayor of Aledo having defeated former mayor C.W. (Red) Stancliff 809-494. The Mercer County Public Safety Tax question was voted down 3,242 to 1,000. The Mercer Carnegie Public Library question was defeated 940-598.

In Ward 1 Democrat Tab Balmer, Jr. defeated incumbent Chris Hagloch, 160-149.

In Ward 3 Democrat Barry A. Cooper defeated Citizen’s party candidate Jason Connell, 233-208.

In Ward 4 Democrat Terry Bewley defeated Citizen’s Party candidate Donald D. Karch, 153-144.

In Ward 2 Michael D. Baugher, a Democrat ran unopposed for the four-year term earning 164 votes.

Richard E. Hunter ran unopposed in Ward 2 to fill an unexpired two-year term.

Citizen’s Party candidate Jarod Dale beat Curtis E. Richardson 815-428 to become the new Aledo City Clerk.

William L. Stropes will be the new city treasurer having run unopposed.


In the only contested race in the city Roy Pritchett defeated incumbent Linda O’Brien, 45-17 for city alderman in Ward 3. Arnold Askew will be the mayor with 114 votes. Terri Gibson won reelection as city clerk with 117 votes. Nancy Nylin won for city treasurer with 103 votes. Davina Logsdon won reelection as Ward 1 alderman with 14 votes. H. Maxine Henry won reelection in Ward 2 with 33 votes.

New Boston

Audrey Stineman won reelction s the city treasurer of New boston with 139 votes to Rodger Raine’s 26. Linda Brown-Perkins defeated Bill Ellsworth, 48-23 to earn a four-year term as alderman of Ward 3.  Dennis Dixon ran unopposed for mayor and earned 136 votes. Mark A. Fourdyce won a four-year term as alderman in Ward 1. LuAnn Krengle won an unexpired two-year term as alderman in Ward 1. Doug Ramer ran unopposed and won a four-year term as alderman in Ward 2. Clint Miller ran unopposed and will fill and unexpired two year term as alderman.


Audrey M. Bryant (49 votes), Penny Smith (34) and Deanna K. Kernan (24)won election as village trustees in Joy. George O. Braucht ran unopposed for the position of village president.


Larry Pete Adams was elected mayor of the village of Matherville with 138 votes to Tim A. McMeekan’s 74. Anne Slavish ran unopposed for the position of village treasurer. James Starcevich (164), Daniel Robinson (131) and Jeffrey Garret (123) won election as village trustees.


Dale Oberhaus won election as the mayor of Alexis. Butch Rose, James VanFleet and Julie VanFleet won election as trustees in Alexis.

North Henderson

James A. Tucker ran unopposed for village president as did Jennifer McCutcheon for village clerk. John. R. Loveridge (40), Diane McVey (38) and Richard C. McCutcheon (34) won election as village trustees.


William “Bud” Walthall was the only candidate for village president in Seaton. There was no candidate for village clerk. Cyndee Stockham (65), Eddie Tarr (55) and Carrie Clawson (53) won election as village trustees.


Terry Ayers ran unopposed for the position of village president. Rebecca Irwin ran unopposed for the position of village clerk. Bonnie Schwab earned 106 votes to Diana McMeekan’s 98 in the race for village treasurer. Delbert Henry (156), Floyd Creger (132) and Shawn Wyant (124) won election as village trustees beating candidate Paula Rath, (111).


Kirk Doonan ran unopposed for the position of village mayor. Marilyn Carrico ran unopposed for the position of village clerk. Jack Carrico (134), Connie Lindsay (131) and Michael Nelson (129) were elected to four-year terms as village trustees. Julie Carlson was elected to fill an unexpired two-year term as trustee.


Michael Peterson ran unopposed for the position of village president. Claudine D. Johnson was elected village clerk. Kathy Gregory (81), Bruce Gibeau (74) and Steven P. Kness (70) were elected to the position of trustee to serve four-year terms.

Other contested races:

Harvey E. DeKeyrel (63) defeated Randy L. Anderson (51) and Frank W. Wheeler (26) for the position of Township Highway Commissioner of Abington Township.

With eight people running for township trustee of Abington township only four (Gary A. Unsworth, Doug Chaffer, Christopher L. Jones and Keith Wheeler) were chosen. Vote totals were: Gara A. Unsworth, 94; Doug Chaffer, 89; Cristopher L. Jones, 63; Keith E. Wheeler, ,62; L. Renea Anderson, 60; Neil L. Truman, 60; Thomas W. Chism, ,45 and Dorothy L. Stevenson, 20.

Matt Lower defeated Blake Bull, 68-47 for the position of township highway supervisor for Duncan Township.

Jeff Attig (89 votes), Dennis Nelson (86), Ryan Struble (72) and David Fowler (69) won election as township trustee for Duncan Township defeating Richard Rockhold (32).

Richard Nash defeated Eileen L. Wiley 88-33 for the position of township supervisor of Elliza Township.

Kenneth Cox defeated Heather Elliott 92-27 in the race for towship clerk of Eliza Township.

David Frieden, Sr., Ryan Cox, Christopher R. Bieri and David Munson won election as township trustees for Eliza Township defeating four other candidates. Vote totals were as follows: David Frieden, Sr., 93; Ryan Cox, 92; Christopher R. Bieri, 89; David H. Munson, 48; Lewis L. Wiley, 41; Brad Green, 34; Montie Schell, 32 and Ronald L. Maas, 26.

Daniel Lloyd (889 votes), Phyllis Swearingen (888), Jeff L. McWhorter (876) and John R. O’Hearn (652) won election as Mercer Township trustees defeating Beth Bonynge Bowens (586) and James L. Edwards (434).

Wilbur Frieden (133) beat Jerry L. Russell (112) and James Douglas Giles (80) for the position of township highway commissioner for New Boston township.