News from Matherville

Stephanie Surr/Correspondent

To many, I hope you all had a wonderful Easter. I missed the Easter Egg Hunt this year in Matherville. The mind was thinking it was JUST before Easter. Always next year.

Another special day was celebrated last week. Brendan Michael Cooksey was born April 1, to Rachel. Rachel is the granddaughter of Leon and La Rue Withers.

I spoke with Mavis Lundgren last week. I had gotten it into my head that she lived in North Dakota. I was concerned about Mavis and Carl, due to the flooding of the Red River. Well, all was well concerning that, but the couple were experiencing erratic weather -- first blizzard type, then much warmer, and then blizzard again. But whatever the weather, the two are doing well.

Quite the surprise for Maggie Miller a few weeks ago. First, Maggie spent a few days with her Aunt Kayla and cousin Emma down in Missouri. Kayla has friends there and often pays visits. This trip, however, also helped with a ruse the family was plotting that dealt with Maggie.

As the trio made the most of their time in Missouri, mom, Amy and sister, Courtney, redid Maggie's bedroom from top to bottom. Even dad Doug threw in some painting. The room eventually turned into a young lady's ever retro sisties pad -- blue, yellow and pinkish bubbles filled the green walls. A favorite saying adorned the top of the windows. When Maggie finally arrived back home and saw the gift, she was thrilled. The room was rarely empty for several days, as she hated to leave.

As I paid a visit to the Millers to get a good look at the room, I was told a very sweet story about Emma and her gift of a Build-a-Bear. Emma was given the opportunity to choose and design her own bear. With the cherished bear complete, back home everyone went. Several days later, a family member noticed that the bear had a tear in a seam in the upper chest. The family was worried that this would upset Emma. Plans were made to take the bear back to the store to get it fixed.

"Oh, no," came the cry of Emma. If the bear’s tear was fixed, how could Emma ever know where to find the bears heart. The bear must be left alone.

The insight of a child shows how we all wished we felt and lived. The world could be s much better place if we all could appreciate the simplicity of a child.

Was delighted several weeks ago to come across someone from my past. I picked a friend up at Emergency Entrance at Trinity West. My friend's nurse turned out to be Cherie McNall, Viola, my home nurse from many moons ago. Cherie had taken care of me when I first moved into my apartment over 15 years ago. And a better nurse no one could have ever had.

Cherie's bubbly smile always greeted one before Cherie actually did. She always made her charges feel good. Cherie even made me a gift of one of her paintings -- A wooden heart was painted blue. Using white, Cherie designed a very simple snowman. Included was a saying that told of how snowmen came and went. Cherie even painted something for my grandmother. We all CHERIEshed her.

Hopefully there is a change in the weather. A few flowers are popping out. It is time for spring. Enjoy.