News From Seaton

Renea Anderson/Correspondent

Marcia Duncan was a visitor last week in the home of her mother, Arleen Ott, in Spencer, Iowa. Enroute she was an overnight guest at her daughter and her family's home in Ankeny, Denise and her husband Ganesh and their children were thrilled to have their guest. In Northwest Iowa, Mrs. Ott and Marcia visited relatives and friends and took a short trip up to Lake Okoboji.

Virginia Ewing has been a patient at Mercer County Hospital for a few days. Sloane Milweski is recuperating at home following surgery at the end of March.

About the middle of March, Sam and Amy Tromblee and their daughters Brittany and Hayley moved to a house south of Millersburg that belongs to the Hank family. Sam is working for the Hank's. Amy's brother and sister-in-law, Brian and Lana Burton are renting the Tromblee house in Seaton. They have two sons, Aaron, 9 and Andrew, 5.

Last weekend, Derek and Karla Blaser were in Cedar Falls, Iowa for the ASICS USA Wrestling Folk style Championships. Both of their boys wrestled in the tournament, Alec, a ninth grader and Trae a grade school student. Renea Anderson was there for the three-day tournament also with her grandsons, Matthew and Mason Weeks, sixth graders. At least 11 boys competed, Ethan and Quentin Ball, Stone Engle, Zach and Chase Nelson, Tristin Finch, Bryce Skiles and the Blaser and Weeks boys. Some brackets had over 50 wrestlers in them, some less than 20 but there were champions from several states around the Midwest. There were wrestlers even from the states of Wyoming and Louisiana. In the tough competition five Aledo wrestlers medaled: eighth grader, Zach Nelson - second, Ethan Ball - third, Mason Weeks - fourth, Matthew Weeks - fifth and Bryce Skiles - eighth. It was good experience for all. Some of them came up against wrestlers that were good at Greco-style wrestling too.