Alexis approves beer garden

Sheila Pressley/Correspondent

Members of Alexis Village board heard a request from B. J. Allgeyer during the regular meeting April 13. He asked permission "to erect a six-foot high fence and put in a beer garden behind it." The fence would be located parallel to the city sidewalk on a lot between Jigg's and an unoccupied building to the north. The beer garden would be located to the west of the fence.

In order for approval of Allgeyer's request, the wording of an ordinance must be changed. Current wording states that if a business holds a Class D licence (sale of food), the owner can obtain a Class E license (for a beer garden). Jigg's does not sell food thus the need for a change in wording.

In the past complaints have been made concerning persons smoking and drinking on or near the sidewalk, in order to smoke outside the tavern. Trustee Jim Van Fleet said, "It'll do away with the problems."

Trustee Brian Neice made the motion to have the ordinance wording changed and to keep the liquor license fee the same, $1,200 plus each gaming device. His motion was unanimously approved.

According to Water & Sewer Dept. Supt. Jim Olson, "Sewer lines along East Broadway have been photographed by a camera in the lined. No blockages of anything unusual was found." Complaints have been made by business owners in that area concerning lines overflowing after a rainstorm.

Olson said, "The water in those lines comes all the way from East Suez Avenue which is three blocks away."

John Heasley spoke to the board, asking permission to use the Community Center for a martial arts class once a week. Heasley participates in the classes in Galesburg. They are also held in Abingdon and Monmouth. Mayor Sims suggested if the classes are approved, that they be held in the upper level of the Town hall. Sims added, "No one uses it." Heasley will report back with more information.

The purchase of two gate valves for the sewer plant was approved at a cost of $2,500. Following installation, operations can be shut off when ended. The replacement of the stem inside the water tower was approved. Village engineer John Rogiers will draw up the specs so the bidding process can be started.

A facility plan for the sewer plant was approved. The cost of about $3,500 will be charged to complete the paper for the plan that included some $250,000 in improvements.

According to Mayor Sims, "Completing the paperwork does not guarantee that we will receive the grant funds but if it is not done, we definitely won't be in the running."

Waiving a lien on a property located on North Scott Street was approved. An individual has expressed interest in improving the house so it can be lived in.

Street and Alley Dept. Supt. Donn Sperry reported that he had submitted a list containing the conditions of all signs and posts in town. Warren County could receive a stimulus package for new signs in the amount of $300,000.

Karl Shue was present to discuss a problem of standing water on his property on the corner of S. Main Street and E. Palmer Avenue. Applying a layer of gravel was discussed but no decision was reached.

Approval was given to the March meeting minutes, the treasurer's report and payment of bills in the amount of $42,000 was approved.

The next board meeting will be May 11 at 7 p.m. at the Community Center.