Gubernatorial candidate visits Aledo

Robert Blackford/Editor
Adam Andrzejewski is working on building a grass roots campaign to the Illinois Governor's office.

Adam Andrzejewski was in Aledo Thursday, April 16, on one of several campaign stops in the area. Andrzejewski wants to be the next governor of Illinois. Andrzejewski is a Republican candidate who wants to reform government in Illinois. Andrzejewski is building a grassroots campaign, which he hopes will propel him into the governor's office.

This is the first political office Andrzejewski has ever run for.

His campaign slogan is "Every Dime. Online. In Real Time."

He is the founder of, a website dedicated to putting the financial checkbook of government entities online, so citizens can find out what their taxpaying bodies are doing and keep track of it. It is all public information.

Andrzejewski believes a transparent government is the best way to keep politicians honest.

"I don't see a Paul Simon or a Peter Fitzgerald out there," said Andrzejewski. "The people need an advocate. I am going to spearhead that effort. There is a window of opportunity in 2010. It's an election about good government. I'm the only electable candidate."

Andrzejewski said, "The rest of the candidates all come in with political baggage. I don't. I'm not a lawyer. I'm not a politician. People don't want an Illinois politician to be the next governor.

Andrzejewski is a self-made man. In 1997 he started a business -- American Marketing and Publishing, competing against the telephone company. Nine years later he was running his offices out of a 27,000 square foot building "We took on an impossible task and proved to be profitable."

After he sold his business he started the website: "People thought that was impossible," said Andrzejewski. They now have nearly 50 government entities signed up and online. They also picked up the first two county governments in Cook and DuPage counties.

"People may not have heard of me in the past," said Andrzejewski, "but half of the people in Illinois live under a better quality of government because of me. I want to bring that to the governor's office."

Andrzejewski said, "It's a solution for corruption and waste. I want honest, clean, effective and open government."

Andrzejewski said, "I order to avoid Gov. Quinn's 50 percent tax increase, we need spending cuts. To do that we need to see how existing funds are spent. Then we can suggest ways to cut spending. It protects the taxpayer.

Andrzejewski said he has been touring Illinois doing the Lincoln Day Dinner circuit.

"I'm a fresh face with new ideas. New ideas need a fresh face to promote them."

Andrzejewski said, "The problems that we face haven't been tackled in a generation. Our leaders are too close to the establishment. The grassroots members of my party understand that."

Andzejewski said, "As citizens we have a responsibility to lead. When I win. I'll have a mandate from the people to get things done. I have the direct nature, the seriousness to accomplish the things I set out to do."

Andzejewski is from the Kankakee area and his father once ran against George Ryan for office. He has downstate ties with his operations manager, Jesse DeSplinter, from Annawan.

For more information see Andrzejewski's website: