Keithsburg okays levee repair bills

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Aledo Times Record

Keithsburg City Council met April 13, 2009 and approved paying the levee repair costs.

Mayor James Stewart opened the meeting at 7 p.m. Alderman Present: Neil Nylin, George Askew, Arnold Askew, Davina Logsdon, Maxine Henry and Linda O'Brien. 

Minutes of March 9, 2009 Meeting: Davina made a motion to accept; Neil seconded, and accepted by all.

Cash Receipts: Arnold made a motion to accept; Davina seconded, and accepted by all.  

Cash Disbursements: Neil made a motion to accept; Arnold seconded, and accepted by all. 

Frieden Billing:  Total cost for the levee repairs at 4th & Jackson (including roller) was $5,600 and $2,297.50 for the repairs at 8th & Jackson. Neil made a motion to accept; Arnold seconded, and accepted by all. 

Part-Time Summer Help Applications: Linda asked for an update on who was hired. Arnold explained several of the applicants were not going to be able to start until June or July, therefore they rehired Cody James. There is no update on the PJTP program. 

Bus Stop Shelters: Last month it was discussed whether or not the council was interested in selling any of the bus stop shelters that were not being used. Arnold explained the bus stops will be in the same areas next year; however he suggests moving the shelters to other areas rather than sell them. Arnold suggested moving one to the campground and/or on the levee at the end of Jackson Street. The council agreed to use them around town if they are not being used. Jim mentioned the city has a 500 gallon Fuel Tank that has not been used forever and he has someone interested in making an offer for it. Linda suggested making a list of items that could be sold and present to the council next month.

Police Contract with the Village of Seaton:  Village of Seaton would like to know if a ticket was written in Seaton would they receive the proceeds. Attorney Robert Rillie explained they would receive the proceeds of the reimbursements of fines as well as paying for the police officer to go to court. 

Vacating 7th Street from Monroe to Adams: The adjoining property owners would like the city to vacate the street which would correct the zoning setback regulations for Kurt Kruidenier and also save the city money by not being liable for creating the new access road to Bill Slater's property (west of 7th street). If the council agrees the adjoining property owners have each agreed to deed a portion of the vacated street to Bill to allow him twenty feet (20') to build a driveway for access to his property. Maxine made a motion to accept; Davina seconded, and accepted by all.   

Keithsburg Road from IL 17 to Keithsburg: John Goddard one of the contractors has discussed piling the concrete at 4th & Jackson Street. Jim has talked with some individuals who would like some of the concrete. Arnold is against stockpiling the concrete. George explained it would be 4X4 slabs and 6" inches thick. The council agreed to have the contractor dump it where it needs to go rather than stockpile it. The work will start a week from Monday. The concrete needs to go on the levee from VanBuren Street to Main Street on the river side.   

Water/Sewer: Due to being a flood victim, Ronnie Shaw has asked the city to waive the water and sewer hookup fee for his new house. Maxine made a motion to accept; Linda seconded, and accepted by all.  

Streets and Sidewalks: Arnold suggests installing another drainage pump at 4th & Jackson. The council agreed. Arnold also suggested fixing the problem with the water seepage at the end of Main Street. Steve Nylin explained there is a 12" culvert that needs to be repaired and the water level needs to be below 7' - 10' for the repairs. The council had agreed on this in the past.

Flags: George Lyle needs more flags and Nancy found a place on the internet to purchase forty (40) flags @ $20.19 each for a total of $807.60. Neil made a motion to accept; Linda seconded, and accepted by all.

Campground Monthly Rate: Maxine explained the monthly rate does not include the campsites along the riverfront and/or with concrete pads, otherwise the camping fees will stay the same at $14 per campsite and $6 for primitive camping. Paul Williams (campground host) will be here April 15, 2009. 

Campground Advertise for Landscaping Bids: Advertise for bids to plant the grass seed and place matting per grant specs. Bids must be in prior to May 7, 2009. Maxine would also like to fill in the low spots with dirt on the riverfront (five to six spots on the south end of campground on east side of the road) and seed that area). Jim asked about drainage. Maxine made a motion to advertise; Neil seconded, and accepted by all.

Ballpark Commissioners Resolution: Tammy Adams, Todd Christie and Rhonda Christie have all volunteered to take over as ballpark commissioners. Linda made a motion to accept the resolution; Davina seconded, and accepted by all.

ATV Route: Linda explained she was the one who got the route created, however the route was intended for entering and exiting town not flying up and down Jackson Street. Linda also explained you must be 16 years old or have adult supervision. Kenny Sargeant explained the city sent them a letter regarding a minor riding a 4 wheeler without supervision, however the minor was Kenny's 6 year old son and he was present. Jim explained it is a courtesy route and no kids are allowed to ride by themselves in the City Street and/or Alleys, however personal property is no problem. Neil explained no 4 wheelers should not be on top of the levee other than going to personal property on the other side of levee. The council explained if people from out of town are doing this and breaking the law they need to be informed that by them disobeying the rules and the speed limit, they are jeopardizing the route being taken away from everyone. 

Sabrina Stewart: Sabrina mentioned the burn pile at 7th & Jackson Street by her house is out of control and it is always burnt on nice days when people have their windows open. She explained there are items other than yard waste in the pile. Jim explained this matter would be taken care of immediately. Linda suggests issuing a ticket to anyone dumping anything other than yard waste. 

Gazebo: Arnold purchased a Gazebo for $2,589.97 which includes delivery. The city received $1,206.39 from FEMA leaving a balance of $1,383.58. The volunteer pharmacists from Chicago that came and assembled the campground playground equipment are coming back in May to assemble the Gazebo.

Maxine made a motion to go into executive session to discuss personnel and litigation; Davina seconded, and accepted by all.

Part Time Police Officer: Neil made a motion to hire Eric Carlson for 20-32 hours weekly and pay him $10 an hour, Maxine seconded, and accepted by all. 

Davina made motion to adjourn, Neil seconded. Accepted by all.

Time: 7:50 p.m.

Terri Gibson

City Clerk