Quick is an Internet sensation

Robert Blackford/Editor

Larry Quick of Aledo is an Internet sensation after successfully flipping his monster truck Ghost Ryder on May 3.

Quick said he is the first person to successfully flip his monster truck at an event on purpose. The video of the event can be seen on his webside or on YouTube.

Quick said the backflip stunt was a year in the making. "They said it couldn't be done," said Quick.

He conceived the idea after nearly flipping his monster truck in an accident.

"I failed in my first attempt, made some adjustments, and succeeded he second time," said Quick.

Quick performed the stunt in Bradford, Vermont the home of one of his sponsers,

Quick said most of his sponsors are on the east coast and also include FK Rod Ends, NE Transmission and Joy State Bank.

"Joy State Bank has been with us since he beginning," said Quick. "They made it lot easier."

The ramp was Quick's own design. "I had them haul in mass quantities of dirt. They used a bulldozer and track hoe to create the ramp. The design of the ramp is in my head so I had to tell them what I wanted. After the first failed attempt Quick had the ramp modified. "They raised the bottom of the ramp up a foot and a half."

After the first attempt Quick said he knew he had to slow down. When he successfully completes the flip he is going only about 10 miles per hour.

Now that he has successfully completed the flip he has plans to do it four or five more times. "Now they want it," said Quick. He noted that he plans to limit the number of times he performs the stunt. On the first failed attempt he was jarred up quite a bit.

For the past couple of weeks Quick has been tearing his truck down and rebuilding it. "We always take a couple of weeks off in May." He will head out to Cheyenne, Wyoming in early June and remain out for six weeks. 

Quick has been competing in the monster truck industry since 2002.

He was competing in mudracing events by the age of 15.