New pavilion finished for Rhubarb Festival

Cathy Decker/Staff reporter

Last year's Rhubarb Festival hobbled through with no permanent structure where the pavilion now stands in Aledo Central Park, instead using a large rented tent for shelter.

With the last footing poured in March this year for the new pavilion, there were surely some bets as to whether the structure would be completed in time.

Laverdiere Construction Inc. of Macomb brought in the low bid for the project -- $246,360 - and was given until May 29 to have the project "substantially completed," according to Aledo Public Works Director Steve Moller.

"Construction started March 23," said Moller.

He said that costs were cut on the building by going from a manufactured roof to going with a standard truss roof. "The manufactured roof was a post and beam roof, which would have been very labor intensive," said Moller.

"We tore down the old pavilion one year ago at the end of February. We dug the hole and removed the dirt in April," he said.

City workers handled a lot of the pre-construction and post construction work for the project, which included pouring a couple of new sidewalks and doing the landscaping. "June 1, 2009 it was officially turned over to the city. The architect (Dennis Kelly & Associates) signed off on it."

One thing that will be remaining is construction of a sold surface for the grill area. The previous grill was also removed and a temporary surface will be put in for the first week of June festival, for vendors to have to do some of the cooking. "We wanted to wait until we get an agreement from the council on what they want," said Moller.

Moller said he hopes the current pavilion's floor will outlast the previous, which had been up for around 50 years.

"It should," he said. There is a sold rock base under the flooring that should hold up for more than 50 years.

The pavilion came in as being substantially finished well before the May 29 date.

"There's more outlets in that building than there ever were."