News From Matherville

Stephanie L. Surr/Correspondent

I'm sure there is much I missed these past weeks. Dave and Bev Pearson had two graduating from their family. A dear friend, Rosemary Slavish, passed away. Even the weather has changed drastically.

So what have I been doing for several weeks? Mostly nothing. But the past two weeks have been keeping me a bit busier than usual. A couple of Fridays ago, I awoke to a dizzy feeling. Most of my left eye was not working. My right was already gone. I went to emergency and was told to see an eye doctor. I have been going to Iowa City for some years, so off we went.

From being checked there and on to neurology, I ran the gamut. I was admitted for several days. A lumbar puncture and broncoscopy were just part of my daily routines. Finally the results. I had several small strokes over some time. Further tests would be needed.

After all was said and done, an angiogram was elected as the way to go. Any additional surgery needed would be taken care of then.

It's a bit daunting to think about. Complications could arise, but not doing anything, to me, is far more frightening. Here's hoping.