News from Matherville

Stephanie Surr/Correspondent

Well, the big hoopala of the summer season is over - July 4th. Once again Matherville hosted its annual fireworks display and once again it was a success. The weather held and so did the crowd. Many have commented over the last few years that Matherville's fireworks are comparable to the cities. I say this is true.

For the past few years Wanda Evins has hosted a large dinner/fireworks display, that grows and grows each year. Alvera (that's a-l-v-E-r-a, no I) Jansen has attended the Evins party for a number of years. As usual, she likes to keep things lively. Alvera began spinning her yarn about winning the $500 dollar drawing that the fire department offers. After the winning, Alvera begins relating where the money would be spent, each item more and more extravegant. With the evening over, she heads home. Soon after there is a knock on her door. "It's LAte. Who could it be."

"It's just me Alvera,” came the recognizable voice. "Just thought you would like the $100 dollars that you won at the drawing."

If we could have only seen the look on Alvera's face. Her fanfare about winning big must have put a little charm in the pot. One could not have found another so surprised.

Had a great time last Thursday afternoon. Melanie Anderson Teel, a friend, invited me out for the day. We thought we would hit the Village of East Davenport and make the rounds. Well, we were a litte surprised to find the Village was not how we lasted remembered it - with all the specialty stores lining the streets. Still, we had an enjoyable day. We dined at LAGOMARCINO'S. That was the first time I had been in that store on the Iowa side. Mel and I had a very nice lunch and gabbed the lunch away. Couldn't have spent the day any better.

I have an excuse for no news last week. My computer died. Or so I thought. I could not get that insufferable machine to work and neither could a few other people I had look at it. I'd have to get a new one. Plans were made. The night before I was to make the new purchase, I thought I might as well do some unplugging of useless machines. Moved the modem - and there it was! One plug was not where it should have been. I slipped it back in place and TaDa everything hummed.

The kicker to this story is that I and several others had checked that modem.

I am (really) getting new glasses next week.