News From Matherville

Stephanie L. Surr/Correspondent

Well, once again not that much news in Matherville. Not that there isn't  any news mind you. It's funny. Most want to read about the happenings of their friends and neighbors, but no one wants their friends and neighbors to read about them. Open up people. Let it out. Take your 15 minutes of fame. Call me.

News this week from the Courtney Way family. Last week, Courtney, boyfriend Mike Begeska and his mother Hope Esparza and sisters Nicole and Lauren, took part in the Moonlight Run in Eldridge, Iowa. Courtney mentioned that this was her first trip back to running in over a year.

The reason for that year and a half break comes with the news that her little boy Aydin Begeska just celebrated his year birthday recently. Seems that Courtny had other things to do than race for a while. A big birthday party for the cutie was at Camden Park on the 18th.

Lee Swank made it home from Florida this past week. Lee, along with cousin Austin, were treated to a trip to the Disney complex by their Aunt Johnna and Uncle Dave. They'll still be talking about it for about a week.

Had my first farm fresh vegetables last week. Some cukes, zuchini and kale. Where are the tomatoes, the beans, broccoli, the really good stuff. The weather has been so bad. Even the farmer's markets are hurting. Not a good  year.

Call me with all that interesting news that's out there. We'd love to hear about it.