News from Illinois City

Laura Mcginnis/Correspondent

The first annual Illinois City Garden walk was a success! A mix of Illinois/Iowa people turned out to visit the four gardens that were on the tour. A thank you to those who opened their yards to enjoy.

The McGinnis Reunion was held last week, but a note added this week on several relatives who attended. Lori Jones and sons from California were the farthest distance attended. They were home to visit her parents Ken and Ruth Hoyt of Reynolds.

The Randy McGinnis’ hosted the event with 63 in attendance.

Tom Terrill will be buying a lot of birthday presents this month! His wife, Candy, has a July birthday plus his three girls, Camryn, Jaclyn, and Courtney. A family dinner for the celebrations will be enjoyed on Sunday.

Neal and Sue Thirtyacre enjoyed the visit from her brother warrant officer 5, Dennis Erickson from Washington D.C.

Dennis stayed with his mother in Aledo, Betty Erickson. They all enjoyed a July birthday celebration at Alice Wainwrights’ in Milan, who is Sue ‘s sister. Sue added her brother bought a scratch ticket in Aledo while home and won $1,000, so his trip was fun plus increased his pocket change!

Larry and Edna Mier entertained their family for Sunday dinner. Everyone was able to attend before the day was over. The chicken, mashed potatoes, and noodles are a favorite in the family and the Illinois City area. Eldna heads up the noodle making at the church in Illinois City twice a year.

Richard and Sharon Berghefer visited Eddes’ dad in Mason City, Iowa, and traveled on to West Salem, Wisconsin. Richard’s son and family live in that area. The west Salem area has not received the rains that we have- yards are brown compared to the Illinois City- lush green lawns.

“Proud to be an American” is the Parade theme for Illinois City Days August 8 states Rex Danner. He encourages people to come to festivities and wear your red, white, and blue. Support your area firemen at their event.

Dorothy Barber has been enjoying a visit from her son Charles Kenney and his daughter Alexis. They have been busy with a family get-together last Sunday afternoon and an evening cookout at Lloyd and Patsy Kenney’s also. Those attending the cookout from Illinois City were Jason and Michelle Boney and boys. The visitors will be returning to Dallas, Texas this weekend.

Dorothy and her daughter Jessie Westfall enjoyed a lunch in Davenport and accompanied Jessie to a doctors appointment. Jessie is recovering from a stroke. We wish her well on the road to recovery.