News from Matherville

Stephanie Surr/Correspondent

I am of the generation of computer morons.  Yes, there are those of us that are wizards at the monstrosity, but theirs is a learned knowledge.  The children of today are born with computer know-how.  This lack of knowledge can explain why the lack of an article last week.  I accidentally pulled a plug out of “somewhere” and hadn’t a clue what to do — No computer. No story. Perhaps I should ask the editor if I could just call it in.

My neighbor, Alvera Jansen, stopped me the other day.  Asked if I had an aunt Jean.


Well it seems Aunt Jean had stopped Alvera up at the post office.  The two ladies had a connection — Jean’s nephew, Bill Branson, had somehow known of Alvera’s son, Kevin,. Bill was from Bonner’s Ferry, Idaho and Kevin found his way there when he married.

Bonner’s Ferry seems to have been the stopping ground for another man from this area. Norman Docherty worked for Aunt Jean’s father, “Slim” Oddson. The Barnes sisters made a stop to visit people who had moved from this area, as well as others. The place to meet everyone.

I had quite a surprise last Saturday evening. I was sitting outside with others from my complex.  A car pulls in and a woman gets out. From the top of the ramp, she asks if my name is Stephanie. 


“I’m Brenda Melcher.” 

You couldn’t have wiped away the look I had upon my face.  I was up in seconds.

Brenda had been a classmate 30-odd years ago. Every once and awhile I would think about what had happened to her and now... it seems Brenda McElwayne and husband, Perry, and brother Glen, had been to a family reunion. Brenda decided to go on a hunt and found me. She gave me an account of what was happening in her life and I informed her of the goings on in Mathervuille, 

Brenda had corresponded with Kelly Dixon for a time, but had lost touch.

I was never so surprised.

Greg Welchel is home for a short stay from the Army.  Greg and his family, wife, Janelle and children, Olivia, Colt Peyton, and Reilly, live in Matherville.  One never saw happier children that when dad got out of the car last Wednesday evening. They were all stuck like glue.

New restaurant opened in Viola.  RODEO’s opened in the old MaidRite building on the south west side of 67.  Libbie and Danny Petrie are the new owners.  Children Lindsie, Chelsie, Shelbie, and Danny, Jr. help out when able.  Theresa Plunkett, Kenneth Robinson, and Kasey Taylor make up the crew that keeps the restaurant running.

The Matherville Fire Department is holding an Open Wiffleball Tournament Sept. 19 at the Matherville Baseball Diamonds.  First round games start at 8 a.m.

There is a $100 per team entry fee for the four-person teams. Players need to be 16 years or older. Teams are to bring their own bats (no JUMBOs). All wiffleballs will be provided. Prizes of $500, $300 and $100 will be given for first, second, and third places. Questions may be made to:  All must be registered by Sept. 1, 2009.

Why not make this a competitive event with area fire department challenging other fire departments, schools against schools, neighbor battling neighbor.  We all know who’s going to win.  We are, of course.

Get on it and email for more info. Hey, there’s a great shirt that’s included. You can’t beat that.

Still no tomatoes. Help me!!!