News from Illinois City

Laura Mcginnis/Correspondent

A great Friday night dance was enjoyed by many area folks, young and old. Pulse Ox and Boot Hill Ridge played music to entertain the crowds- several locals tried their hand at Sumo Wrestling. The duet of Tony Barber and Harold Neucome was quite entertaining. The firemen and women of Illinois City did a great job on Saturday also. Many new activities were organized. The T.R. covered all the events and we really appreciate that!

Frances Krueger also had a big day Saturday, with a potluck dinner for friends and family in her beautiful yard, then an open house in the afternoon for her 90th birthday. A large crowd turned out for these events.

Chris and Marie McCalley and girls returned from a week’s vacation in Canada. It was a great time, even though it rained almost everyday. Lilly, the dog, thought she was back in Illinois with all the rain.

Trent and Carol Duncan spent the weekend with grandparents Randy and Laura McGinnis. They all attended the Baldwin reunion in Monmouth Park on Sunday.

Tate and Mary Ann Vroman were in Eli, Minn. for a vacation with friends. The couples enjoyed fishing and great weather.

Cathy and Rolando Renteria and children have returned to the area after living in Texas for many years. Evelyn McGinnis, Cathy’s mother, is very happy to have the family close. They will be looking for a home to buy in Quad City area.

Rollin and Peggy Heaton’s grandchildren, Elizabeth, Noah, Matthew, and Annie from Missouri, have been visiting for the past two weeks. A lot of fun days and swimming was enjoyed by all.

The Rock, The River Evangelistic Event, was a great success. From the Illinois City United Methodist Church, Patti Winegard, Annette Leopard, Joseph Leopard, Kayleene, Kelsey, and Skylar Murphy went as counselors. A total of 24 people from our area and New Boston attended the event. Five pre-teen kids from Kids Club also attended the event. It was estimated 13,000 people participated.

Robert and Patti Winegard enjoyed a week’s visit from Patti’s granddaughter Kacie Dohler of California, Miss. Many activities were enjoyed that week.