News from Illinois City

Laura Mcginnis/Correspondent

Frances Krueger has enjoyed her daughter and family for a visit. Linda and Thom Karge were from Lancaster, Penn. Linda’s daughter Roechelle and her two girls Mia and Sarah were also here from Baltimore, Md. Frances has had a wonderful time with the family and parties for her birthday.

Lila and Ralph Keller had a great trip to Springfield to see the Abraham Lincoln museum. Their nephew, Jeff Keller and wife Sue were the drivers for the day trip. Lila states it was a very moving experience to view the wax figures throughout the museum.

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Schoppel and their children Anna, Phillip, and Christina from Munich, Germany visited following cousins in Illinois City area. Lila and Ralph Keller, Otis Freyermuth, Lane Freyermuth’s, Kim Freyermuth’s, and Tyson and Todd Freyermuth’s.

Maria McCalley, Judy Halford, Dennis Hunt and Laura McGinnis attended the Independent Garden Show at Navy Pier in Chicago. They enjoyed a train ride to and from the Chicago area. Many new products and plants for the upcoming season were viewed.

Ali McGinnis enjoyed a weekend in Springfield to visit Tara Sipes. They also enjoyed the State Fair concert on Saturday.

We extend our sympathy to the Tony Barber’s on the passing of Lori’s father. Also the Jay Lloyd’s on the death of his mother Dorothy Lloyd.

Lori and Elda Mier and granddaughter Megan Mier went to the Iowa State Fair on Monday and Tuesday. A great time at all the activities offered at the fair and good weather. Randy and Laura McGinnis also enjoyed the fair Sunday and Monday.