News From Matherville

Stephanie Surr/Correspondent

Please, all bear with me. I finally broke down and purchased a NEW computer, I knew it was time when the Smithsonian called and asked to use my computer as an exhibit in the Communications Wing. I am still learning the ropes. (This is my third time at trying to write this.)

Last Friday, the First Baptist Church of Aledo held a Family Night in the Miles Memorial Park in Viola. First Baptist chooses different locations to host the event so many may benefit from the event. A dunk tank, balloon animals, bouncing room, popcorn, and meal for all were provided by the church. The children were enthralled.

As my group pulled into our parking lot after the event, one little girl, Peyton, insisted that we had not been to a park. I tried to tell her that there are different types of parks, but Peyton would have none of that.

“That wasn’t a park (that we were just at). That was Fun World.” Couldn’t have said it any better myself.

The First Baptist has three people involved in the time spent with young people, Lukas Dunn is pastor, Jeremiah Melvin, youth pastor, and Star McCann is children’s minister. A year ago, Family Fun Night began as a monthly means for the church to get families together as a - family. They are encouraging all families to take up the cause and make one night a week Family Night.

The next event for the church is an all nighter. Kids’ Night Out will have children from the second grade through sixth at a sleepover at the Aledo YMCA on Sept. 12. A free swim is one of the many activities that will be happening that evening. The event is open to all who meet the grade requirements. Call the First Baptist Church for additional information.

Well, that’s about it for the week. Let me know if there is something going on in your neck o’ the woods.