News From Reynolds

Beulah Venable/Correspondent

Donna and Francis Mack entertained for August birthdays Saturday, Aug. 15. The dinner guests were Emogene and John Kimball, and Bernice Wille. Emogene and Bernice were celebrating August birthdays.

Don Foster, an employee of Alcoa, Q.C.A. had an opportunity to allocate money for non-profit community service organizations.

“We are donating $1,000 to the Reynolds Community Volunteer Fire Department. This is in honor of my father, Wayne Foster and in memory of my mother, Jean Foster,” said Don Foster.

The fire department certainly appreciates this generous donation.

Rex and Diane Benson helped Cassandra Smith, their granddaughter, celebrate her birthday, Aug. 16. Cassandra is the daughter of Rexann and Larry Garmo. Cassandra was 20 years old. Guests were her family and friends.

Dan and Diane Benson from Ohio, are coming next week to celebrate Dinae’s 65th birthday. Family and friends will celebrate at Rex Benson’s.

Sarah Brooks has moved to Wheaton from Edwardsville, where she received her master’s degree in school psychology. She is doing her internship in Wheaton Public Schools.

Michael Wheeler celebrated his 50th birthday Saturday Aug. 15 at a surprise party at Jeronimo’s with family and friends.

He had a family party Aug. 12, Wednesday, at his parent’s home.

A blood drive, sponsored by the Fire Department was held Tuesday, Aug. 18, at the Reynolds American Legion 2:30-6:30 p.m. Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Center made arrangements.

We are enjoying sweet and corn and fresh tomatoes from the gardens.